What is an Email Design System?

Your Email Design System is the foundation of how you create your email campaigns, so when creating it, it's important to make sure it's tailored exactly to your team's needs. To make an effective Design System, you'll need to take a step back and consider how you go about designing, coding and adding it to Taxi. We've put together the most important considerations for all these stages, to help you create the perfect Design System.

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Planning your Email Design System

Things to consider before making a great Email Design System
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Building HTML that works

Ensuring your Email Design System delivers best practice HTML
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Empowering the marketing team

Making an Email Design System that helps your team
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Maintaining your Email Design System

Keeping Your Email Design System Relevant and Useful
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Getting started with Taxi Syntax

Check out these four articles for everything you need to know about the principles and fundamentals of Taxi Syntax. Or if you prefer take our Intro to Syntax course below.

Taxi Syntax Principles

We designed Taxi Syntax to help you build the best experience for editors.

Get Started

Minimum Viable Language

Get started with Taxi Syntax by adding two HTML tags to your code.

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Controlling Module Layouts

Use modulezones to let editors add, remove and re-order modules.

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Uploading & Updating Email Design Systems

Once you have built your HTML and added Taxi Syntax, it's time to set up your Design System in Taxi.

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Taxi Syntax Learning Syllabus

If you prefer to learn by doing, rather than reading, then take our interactive, hands on course where you'll learn everything you need to know about getting started with Syntax. 

We provide step by step guides, HTML for you to work on as well as lots of handy tips and tricks.

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Advanced Taxi Syntax

The getting started articles and the learning syllabus cover everything you need to know to start using your Email Design System in Taxi. However, this is only scratching the surface of what is possible with Taxi Syntax.

We have articles covering everything you can do with more advanced syntax. Controlling multiple pieces of HTML or CSS with one field, using rules to easily remove or add content, adding styles for rich text fields, setting expectations or adding controls for mobile design are just some of what you can learn in our advanced syntax pages.

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Implied Defaults

When you wrap an <editable> tag around text or an an image, Taxi adds some extra fields behind the scenes. You may need to break these out into their component fields if you're doing more complex modules in your Email Design System. 

Implied Default: Text

Implied Default: Linked Text

Implied Default: Image

Implied Default: Linked Image

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