Time saved by marketing teams producing email campaigns.



Additional annual revenue generated from sending more email campaigns.



Annual cost saving from empowering marketing teams to produce email campaigns.

What is Taxi?

Taxi is an online tool that enables everyone on your marketing team to produce better email, quicker and at a larger scale. 

Design and development teams can build best-in-class Email Design Systems (modular templates) and have precise control over how they are used.

Copywriting and editor teams can then create email campaigns in the Taxi Editor, focusing on content without needing to manipulate HTML code, and with a design that stays on brand.

Marketers can control workflow, manage which teams work on different projects, and can easily export finalised email campaigns ready to send in your existing sending platform.

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Typical Ecommerce Brand

Before Using Taxi

An ecommerce company has a small CRM team, and uses an agency for email campaign production.

It takes 2 weeks from briefing to send-ready HTML delivery, and the CRM team has to brief in the agency for copy and pricing amends. The team sends 8 emails a month which generate £12,500 per email.

Whilst the team are busy, most of their work involves chasing up stakeholders and managing rush-changes. They spend most of their time on day-to-day tasks and have little time for strategic direction.

After Using Taxi

Using Taxi, the company can reduce the turnaround time for email campaigns from weeks to hours. This makes their email campaigns more competitive and enables them to each generate more revenue.

In addition, the team can produce more email campaigns - sending 12 emails per month enables the team to generate an additional £50k revenue per month.

The company commissions their agency to produce an Email Design System, but Taxi enables them to then make email campaigns in house, saving ongoing agency costs of up to £97k per year.

Lastly, now that the team can produce email quicker, they have more time to invest in strategy, testing and pushing the brand’s marketing forward.

From 2 weeks to 2 days

Using Taxi, the company is able to reduce their campaign timeframe by 80%, from weeks to days.


Who uses Taxi?

Every day, brands all over the world use Taxi to make great email campaigns.

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Revolutionise Your Email Workflow

Email marketing is the bread and butter of most marketing strategies, but creating and running email campaigns continues to be difficult to execute.

As a result, many brands feel they’re not doing what they need, and spend 8 hours a day working to just achieve the basics.

In this talk Elliot Ross, Taxi for Email’s CEO, explores the challenges of the email process, and how to revolutionise your email team’s work to enable sending better email, quicker and at a larger scale – ultimately not only improving ROI but also team success.

Watch our talk: Revolutionising Your Email Workflow →



Taxi + Your Sending Platform

Do we need to replace our existing platform to use Taxi?

Taxi works alongside your current email sending platform. Once your team has created send-ready email campaigns, they can connect directly to your ESP, or export HTML to upload manually. Marketing teams find that using Taxi enables them to unlock advanced features of their ESP, such as deep segmentation and automation.

How is this different to our sending platform’s editor?

Taxi offers several benefits over in-built email editors:

  • Using a separate tool for content production enables more people to work on the email process, whilst being able to restrict access to the ESP to just the people working on the send process.
  • If your organisation uses multiple sending platforms you can consolidate all campaign production in one tool, and export to multiple ESPs as you need.
  • Taxi has the ability to make multiple versions from the same mailing & multiple sub-templates from one set of HTML, enabling efficiency around content creation and avoiding code duplication.
  • We focus on the content editor experience, whilst other platforms work on the editor for a short while then move on to other features. As a result, Taxi includes hundreds of minor features that make email production easier.
  • Our tool is built by email marketers and designers, for everyone in the email process, and doesn’t create rendering issues or break fragile email code.

Taxi + My Team

What will my team do if we use Taxi?

Taxi helps everyone on your email team focus on their area of expertise - designers and developers can build the perfect Email Design Systems (HTML template), whilst copywriters and editors can produce content directly in the email layout. With the entire team working more effectively, your team can produce more email campaigns, and spend more time on strategy, and evaluating results

How much time will it save?

Our customers say that using Taxi helps them get their emails out the door up to 80% faster. Every team is different, and the exact amount will depend on your current email process and the Taxi features you choose for your account.

Do we have to pay extra per user?

We don't charge by the user, person or seat. Everyone on your team gets their own account.

Why should I invest in Taxi?

Taxi will empower your team to do the best they can in all areas of email production. It will minimise human error and streamline the entire process, saving you time in the short term and money in the long term.

Getting Started

How is Taxi billed?

Taxi is billed annually via invoice.

Does Taxi need to be installed?

Taxi is a SaaS product and is not available for local installation.

How do I get started?

Set up a call with one of our specialists to get started. Our customer success team is available at

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