Our principles

Code it your way

We know email code is a fickle beast, and sometimes you have to do things that would make web designers weep. That is why Taxi makes no assumptions about your code  you can add as many obscure fixes as you like, and we will take care of the content.

Craft the editor experience

Taxi Syntax gives you complete control over what is editable and what is not. It means you can build the perfect experience for Editors - enabling them to change everything they need to and nothing that they do not.

The perfect crime

Once the final code is exported from Taxi, we remove all evidence of Taxi Syntax. That means there is nothing unexpected to cause problems in your email platform, or in users email clients.

Our minimum viable language

You can get started with making your email HTML editable by using just two Taxi Syntax tags. When you are ready, you can get more granular control over templates with just a few more tags.

See how Email Design Systems and Taxi Syntax work.


Use Litmus Builder

We are big fans of Litmus Builder, the first code editor tailored specifically for email designers. Litmus Builder fully supports Taxi Syntax, so it is even easier to make the HTML in your Email Design System editable.

Find out more about Litmus Builder.

Connect to your email platform

We are building connectors to make it even easier to export your finalised campaign directly to your favourite email platform.

More about connectors

Unlock your email team

We built Taxi so that everyone on your team can do what they need to do.

44,916 email campaigns and counting.

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