Pattern based modular design

Pattern based design is the process of building frequently used layouts and shapes for an Email Design System, that can then be reused over and over. In Taxi, your design pattern gives editors and copywriters the building blocks they need to make email campaigns that work.

On brand and in control

When you design an Email Design System for Taxi you can decide how it should be used  what is editable, which modules can be moved where, what happens if there is no text in a certain place  so the editors and copywriters that use it get the best experience.

Flexible HTML modules

A modular approach doesnt mean everything has to look the same. Taxi Syntax can make things like background images, colours, and formatting editable.

Modular building blocks

Our modular approach allows you to group together elements of your design. Editors can then use these building blocks to get the best layout to suit their content.

Lock down formatting

By default, branding elements such as formatting, typography and colours are fixed at HTML level. So you can be sure that email campaigns stay on brand.

Design the editor experience

When you add Taxi Syntax, our templating language to your email HTML, you are designing the experience for the content editors.

Taxi Syntax: Simple but powerful

Taxi Syntax is built with designers and developers in mind. It gives you all the control you need to ensure editors can do their job. If needed you can set advisory copy limits and add helpful hints for editors.

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Experts on hand

Taxi Concierge is here to help you set up your designs for Taxi.

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