Using this snippet, you can add links that automatically update, to share an article url on popular social networks. This may be useful for newsletters featuring articles from the web, or links to products.

Complete Snippet


<editable name="article">

<!--example fields for your article. Replace these, and the references in the urls below, as required-->
<field type="href" name="url" label="Article url"></field>
<field type="text" name="headline" label="Headline"></field>

<!--Share on Faceboook-->
<a replace-href="{{href | url_escape}}">Share on Facebook</a><br>

<!--Share on Twitter-->
<a replace-href="{{headline}}&url={{href | url_escape}}">Share on Twitter</a><br>

<!--Share on LinkedIn-->
<a replace-href="{{href | url_escape}}&title={{headline}}">Share on Linkedin</a>

<!--Post to Google+-->
<a replace-href="{{href | url_escape}}">Share on Google+</a>

<!--Post to Pocket-->
<a replace-href="{{headline}}&url={{href | url_escape}}">Post to Pocket</a><br>

<!--Post to Instapaper-->
<a replace-href="{{headline}}&url={{href | url_escape}}">Post to Instapaper</a>