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It is important that editors have the power they need to make great email campaigns. Using the Taxi email editor you can build an emails structure in seconds, by adding, reordering and removing modules. Those modules are built by your design team, so you can be confident the design is staying on brand.

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Design for mobile

We fully support all types of mobile email, from mobile-friendly to responsive to hybrid. Whilst you are editing, you can preview your email on mobile at any time, to check your content works for a smaller screen.

We e modern email

There is some great work being done to add interactivity in email, whilst maintaining a fallback for legacy email clients like Outlook and Gmail. Taxi supports cutting edge email design  If your developer can code it then we support it.

Web fonts in email

Web fonts are not supported everywhere, but if you choose to go down this route, our editor fully supports their use.

Live imagery in email

Smart marketers are using live imagery to update emails at time of open. Whether that involves adding a countdown timer, device specific banners or location based images, you can add these with Taxi.

Third party products required  contact us for details.

Kinetic email

Cutting edge developers are exploring using advanced HTML to add carousels, collapsable menus and CSS transformations to email. Once they are coded, you can make these fully editable using Taxi.

Code your own Email Design System or use our templates

We have written Taxi Syntax to be easy-yet-powerful. It means designers and developers can build the perfect editing experience for copywriters and translators.

Find out more about Email Design Systems →

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