The perfect production tool

Using Taxi, designers and developers can create a modular template system that works for your team.

Modular building blocks

Our modular, pattern-library approach enables content creators to pick a layout that works for every campaign.

Stay on brand

Ensure campaigns never go off brand by locking down formatting and giving editors intelligent options.

Mobile friendly

Over 50% of users open emails on a mobile device. Using mobile responsive templates provides the best experience for all users, on all devices.

Adapt to the content

Taxi templates can be designed to mould around the editor's content - ensuring the best layout is always created.

Use advanced email techniques

Our template engine fully supports cutting edge email development, including interactive email and the latest mobile techniques.

Smart template management

Revision history and in-line template QA tools assist in organising your template HTML in the template library.

Create your own Taxi templates

Our powerful syntax helps designers make the perfect template.

You can get started with just two HTML tags and you can build on this when you need to take your emails to the next level.

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Use our smart template library

Modern Standard, from our built in template library, is packed with flexible module layouts to help you produce modern, fully mobile friendly email campaigns.

Our codebase is continually tested and updated, so you'll never have to worry about email rendering again – every user gets the best experience available.

Experts on tap

Our Taxi Concierge team is on hand to build on brand, mobile friendly templates for you.

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