Create an Email Design System that your team will actually use

The most beautiful templates and detailed email guidelines are worth nothing if your team doesn’t stick to them. With Taxi, you’ll put your designers in full control of the brand experience—and make building great email a breeze for marketers.

Protect your brand

Ensure that every email you send is on brand—for a consistent experience across all campaigns.

Save time

Use the power of reusable email modules to help your team get great emails out the door, faster.

Make fewer mistakes

Make it easy for your team to follow best practices—and stop errors from happening.

Scale your email production

Empower your team to send great email at scale.

What if you had full power over your templates and how people use them?

Taxi empowers you to do just that. Create the perfect HTML, then use the power of the Taxi syntax to control how it’s used, what can be changed, and what can’t.

Your Email Design System in Taxi puts you in full control of your email design—and the editing experience for your marketing team. 

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Getting an Email Design System in Taxi

​Looking to create your own Email Design System in Taxi?

You can get started with just two Taxi Syntax tags and you can build on this when you need to take your emails to the next level. 

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​Need a helping hand?

Our Taxi Concierge team is here to help you create an Email Design System your team will love.

See what Taxi could do for your Team

Curious to see Taxi in action? We’d love to give you a tour of how Taxi can help bring your Email Design System to life.

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Learn more about Email Design Systems

An introduction to Email Design Systems

What’s an Email Design System? Watch this on-demand webinar and find out.

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How to create Email Design Systems in Taxi

An actionable guide on creating and maintaining an Email Design System in Taxi.

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Does my team need an email design system?

Here are 6 questions that help you find out if an Email Design System is needed for your team.

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