Taxi + Your Platform

Join our ESP Programme to see how Taxi for Email can extend your platform's capabilities. We will work with you to build connectors between Taxi and your platform, and provide bespoke packages for your customers.

API Connectors

Taxi for Email is a dedicated email production platform for brands, agencies and marketing teams. Since we do not send emails, we work closely with Email Service Providers to provide the best experience for customers. There are 2 ways that Taxi users can get their email content from Taxi into their email platform through Connectors or Exports.

A Connector allows Taxi to connect to the API. As each connector is a bespoke piece of software we play to the strengths of each platform and feed information back into Taxi so that our editor only allows things which the ESP can send. Exports enable file downloads and temporary hosted URLs to allow a platform to scrape content from Taxi.

Get Connected!

Our ESP Programme is for ESPs who want to be connected to Taxi.

We write the connector code. Our policy is not to charge ESPs to be in our programme, and not to pay ESPs to join theirs. Instead we have some minimum requirements to help us build a connector and in return we offer some benefits to the ESP.


  • Free access to the Taxi platform
  • Named contact at Taxi
  • Technical documentation
  • Sample templates

Minimum Requirements

  • Access to API documentation
  • A named contact at your organisation to deal with taxi-related correspondence
  • Access to a sandbox account to allow testing

Once you've joined our ESP Programme we're ready to build connectors and work together on producing information on using Taxi with your platform. Connectors are prioritised based on customer demand (i.e. number of leads and enquiries) and the amount of engineering time required.

Apply Now

To talk to us about our ESP programme drop us an email at