Once you have the design and the HTML of your Design System, you can now start to think about how you want it to work in Taxi, and how your team will be able to use it to create great email. To do this youll need to add Taxi Syntax to your HTML. This can be added during the HTML build or afterward.

Taxi Syntax is code that you add to your HTML that will enable you to make it work exactly how you need it to in Taxi. Before working on this youll need to plan out how your Design System will work. This will make sure you hit the ground running and can reduce the need for large changes further down the line.

Whos using the Design System?

Who uses your design system can really impact how it works in Taxi.
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Structuring your Email Design System

Think about how you want to group and organise your Design System with modules and modulezones.
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Different ways you can edit

Using different types of fields can give you all the options you need to edit your emails in Taxi.
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Create emails efficiently

Make your Design System as easy as possible to use for everyone involved in the creation process.
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Deleting content

Not only does Taxi Syntax make it simple to add content and styling to your emails, you can remove it just as quickly. 
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Thinking about mobile

Have complete control over how your emails look on mobile devices.
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Once you're happy with your Design System and how it will work, you're ready to upload to Taxi. However remember, this is something that can constantly be worked on and improved to adapt to any email industry changes. Therefore maintenance is just as important as the build. Read more here