Once you have decided on what's to be included in your Email Design System, created a design and finalised your brand guidelines, you can now move on to the build stage of the process and start to think about how youre going to approach this. This part of any project can seem daunting, however with the preparation done in the pre build stage of the process, this shouldnt be the case.

Below are a few things that you might want to consider before starting to build the HTML for your template.

Things to consider during the build

Ensure the build of your Design System runs smoothly by following some of these tips. 
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Email Best Practice Guidelines

Take the time to incorporate best practices into your HTML.
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Working with your ESP

Do you have ESP specific code in your current HTML? Consider whether you need this in your new build.
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Using Images in your Design System

Think about best practices when it comes to using images in your Design System. 
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Now you've completed the build of your Email Design System you can start to think about how you want it to function in Taxi. Read more