The GDPR is now in effect across the European Union. Weve been working closely with affected clients, but now seems like a good time to post a wider update on what GDPR means for Taxi.

Your data as a Taxi customer or newsletter subscriber

As with any online business, we have a responsibility for our customers data  as a result of GDPR weve made a few tweaks to the language our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, and also weve introduced a Data Processing Addendum. Behind the scenes weve held training for our team and ensured that our existing processes are all compliant.

Taxi and your customer PII

By design, we ensure that Taxi avoids exposure to your customer/audience data wherever possible. Even complex content creation tasks, such as in-depth segmentation, can be achieved without Taxi having access to a specific users personally identifiable information.

Therefore under the GDPR, we are neither a processor nor a controller of your customer data.

However, in our work with clients around this issue, we found sometimes its easier all round to say were one thing or the other  so for the purposes of GDPR we have processes in place to comply as a data processor when required.

Were registered with the ICO and you can find our details here

We take your privacy and security seriously and you can find out more details here.

How Taxi can help your organisation with GDPR compliance

Reduce ESP access for your email team, contractors and agencies

Using Taxi your email team can create and edit the content of your brands email campaigns. That work may be performed by designers, copywriters, marketers, translators and even external contractors and agencies.

Enterprise features such as Link Tracking Management, Segmentation, Dynamic Content and Personalisation mean that even complex email production tasks can be executed using Taxi, without needing access to audience data.

Using Taxi to perform these tasks means you may be able to reduce the amount of people who need to have access to your sending platform, and therefore reduce the exposure of your audience data to just the team members who need to access it.

More granular permissions

An integral feature to our Enterprise plans is control over user and team permissions. You can, for example, restrict the ability to export email content from Taxi into your ESP to specific individuals  this enables even tighter control on access to ESP functionality.

Tighter security: Two Factor Authentication and Password Controls

We recently launched 2FA and custom password settings for our Enterprise plans  if these features would be useful for your organisation please contact your Customer Success Manager and well enable them for you.

Keeping us up to date

If we do work with your organisation as a Data Processor, weve introduced a tab in your Taxi Organisation Settings where you can keep us up to date with your Data Protection Officer (DPO)s details, as well as a list of emergency data contacts.

If you have any queries about GDPR and Taxi, please do contact us.

Legal note - This blog post is for guidance only and doesnt represent a change to any existing legal agreements.

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