Email like never before

Tiny turnaround times

Teams using Taxi can get email ready for send in hours not days; the last minute amend that used to take your agency half a day can now be done in seconds.

Produce email at scale

Do you ever feel like even simple campaigns take an age to ship? Taxi makes your team more efficient, so you have more time to focus on taking your email programme further.

Manage access and permission

Sometimes not everyone needs to work on a campaign. Thats fine. Taxi lets you control which editors can edit different campaigns.


Multiple versions

You can make multiple versions of your email campaign, and content will always inherit from a master version unless you change it. That means you can still make changes across all your versions in one place when needed.

For testing&

You might want to make an alternative version to test a headline or an image. You can easily make new versions of the same email campaign, and make subtle changes.

&and targetting

Alternatively you may like to change content based on the things you know about your audience. You can make different versions for different demographics, and then at export you can map who gets which version.

Data mapping requires ESP connectors, which are coming soon.

Connect to your email platform

We are building connectors to make it even easier to export your finalised campaign directly to your favourite email platform.

More about connectors

We are here to help you get started

Taxi Concierge can help make you Taxi friendly templates and provide bespoke development.

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Unlock your email team

We built Taxi so that everyone on your team can do what they need to do.

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