There's lots to think about when it comes to making it easy for people to use your Design System and add in content, but you need to make it easy for people to delete content too. 

Removing content

Modules in your Design System can be fully customisable and different elements such as text, images and CTAs can be deleted when needed. Therefore deleting them shouldn't require any additional effort from the person editing the email. When someone removes text or images, the space they occupy should be removed or when someone deletes the copy of the CTA the whole CTA can be removed.

Removing code

You can also remove some HTML tags depending on certain actions of the person building the email. For example, you are able to remove the <a> tag around an image, when there is no link input to the link field in the editor. Removing HTML where there is no content is useful as empty tags and attributes can cause rendering issues on some email clients.

You're able to use rules to make sure you can achieve this. You can find out more about rules here.

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