One of the most important things to think about when making an Email Design System in Taxi, is who is going to be using it.

  • Do you have a small central marketing team creating all of your emails? 
  • Do you have different teams and roles from various areas of the business that are going to be using Taxi? 
  • Are the people creating your emails quite junior or do they have a lot of experience with email and your brand? 

It's important to ask yourself these kinds of questions before adding your design system to Taxi as they can determine how it is going to work.

If you have strict brand guidelines, you might want to think about making the Design System as simple to use as possible, for example, restricting them to only choose from a list of your brand colours. 

Similarly, if you have a larger team, or lots of different teams, it could be a challenge to make sure everyone stays on brand. In this case you can think about making the Design System a little more rigid. Elements such as font sizes, font-family, colours, styling options on text can all be limited or locked down if you want more control over what your email team can edit.

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