If youve been building your emails directly in your ESP, there may be some code specific to your ESP in your HTML. When building an Email Design System in Taxi youll need to think about whether this needs to be included, and if it does, then the best way of incorporating that into your Taxi account.

Just as Taxi Syntax is code that you can add to your HTML to make it editable in Taxi, some ESPs have code that is needed to be able to edit HTML and create emails. After youve created an email in Taxi and exported to your ESP, apart from some final tests, the email will be ready to send out. You dont need to worry about adding this ESP code to your template and you can focus on making your email creation process as efficient as possible in Taxi.

You might also use conditional or personalisation code in your ESP to send out more relevant and targeted emails. Taxi has many ways to handle these to make sure that youre still able to get the most out of your data. For example, our segmentation and personalisation features enable you to segment your emails based on rules using your data, and send personalised content without having to touch the code. This will save you from having to manually add this type of code to your template, which can result in it being a little inflexible and time consuming to maintain.

If you manage your link tracking in your ESP, you can make sure that this is controlled in Taxi in the most efficient way possible. You dont have to hard code your tracking to the links in your template, as this can also be slightly inflexible if different campaigns need different tracking. Using Taxis Link Tracking Manager you can completely automate tracking your links, which will save you time when building the template and also for those setting up campaigns.

Taxi helps you to make the most of different types of ESP specific code, whether its conditional statements or tracking parameters, so its important to think about how these will be used alongside your Email Design System. You can get in touch with us, via the live chat on our website, if you have any questions about setting this up in your account; we have a team of experts here at Taxi wholl be able to help you get the most out of these features.

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