Check out our September edition to see what our product team have been working on to make Taxi even better, helping enable you to create your best work!

We work hard every month to make updates to Taxi, to help enable you and your team to create your best work.

Here are our updates for this month:

🦸‍♂️️ Expectations

We've launched our newest feature; Expectations! Designers and developers can now have even more control over how templates are used — and for everyone who's creating emails, sending on-brand campaigns will be easier than ever.

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🤝 Collaborative editing

It's easier than ever to collaborate with your team! You can now work on the same version with multiple people at the same time. Edits and updates made by other users are shown in real time, so you know exactly what is going on and where. This makes it easy to edit and review simultaneously, and avoid any overwriting, helping to speed up your process.

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💽 Autosaving

No more needing to hit the save button! Taxi now autosaves your work every time you make an edit. And with Taxi's revision history, you can be sure that if you need to reverse an edit that is autosaved, you can do so. It's another step we've taken to provide you with the most intuitive workflow possible, and enable you to focus more on the work itself rather than other small distractions.

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💖 Restoring modules from deleted versions

Recovering and restoring deleted modules from your master version in your emails is now possible! By clicking the 'restore modules' icon, you can have an easier and more consistent way to revert to any default modules if you need to.

📄 PDF Guides for Templates

A now-standard feature for all Taxi users, you can upload guides for templates in PDF format. Anyone with permission to access these can download them and get all the information they need. Keep an eye on our What's New page in Taxi for further information on this!

👫 Permissions and Sharing tabs are now one!

You can now find all the functionalities you need for sharing and permissions under one tab! This will save you time and help keep your workflow easy and tidy.

Superadmins should note that the option to share a template across all orgs and partners will now be carried out in the command line.

📄 Add a link with a keyboard shortcut

If you're used to using keyboard shortcuts to add links, or just want to save time, you're in luck! Links can be added to the rich text field in Taxi by using the keyboard shortcut CMD+K / CTRL+K (depending what you are using). This has the same effect as pressing the link button in the rich text field. In fields where this is not allowed, nothing will happen, so no need to worry about adding links where you aren't supposed to!

💪 Single-send SendGrid emails are now supported

If you're a SendGrid user you can be confident that, whatever your workflow with SendGrid, Taxi supports you. Along with Campaign Legacy and Transactional emails, we now support Single-Send emails, meaning no matter your campaign with SendGrid, Taxi has you covered.

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