Collaborate with your team on an email in real time and leave comments, tag team members and speed up email approval times.

Using our newest update, Conversations you can start a chat-based thread in any area of your email, and leave comments by tagging the right team member(s) to answer any questions.

Lets take a look at how Conversations work in Taxi.

=� Collaborate with your team in real time

There is a high chance you wont be the only person working on an email - even if youre the one building it, there will be lots of people involved in other areas. For example, you might use an external document to track email changes which can take a long time as you want to ensure all changes have been added correctly, and in the right place.

Using Conversations you can work on your email and view comments in one place, which means your whole team will get oversight on what is being changed, and where. And by checking you have autosaving and collaboration bubbles set up you will get full view on who is working on which section of your email at any time. >

3h4InJp6ilrF847KuyASGiMyfCtRBgiOwc-vBxF5UpTbw_YjOQtHSp9ZuI8hWYI2BQGAtVVoM1hGsD2vou90f8km7hfu-V6vfR9kn9NM8mM0XQh_JWW0-7igD30OTHFC-iS_hfCnK7o=� Leave comments and suggestions

Unlike any external document you might use to track progress or changes, Conversations gives you the ability to start a thread on any area of an email so your comment gets tracked to the exact place the change or update is needed.

Got a CTA colour update you need to check, or a copy area you are unsure of? You can right click on the exact area you want to query, and tag the team member you need help from, and read replies - all without leaving the editor.k9QJfmIR5VnKh83xo6EFEGm3mU-3MpsCy38FdbDL7ORUCRfFox4DaYI4HEKQA1SFVuRmNTBYVicVf28-rXnrpJORtBR7dNZlAb41WKZIG_4GaTrg7wRntR9ABw_b-VSOQA75fFep1T4

<� Tag team members

Tagging the right person can help speed up your email approval process as you can go directly to the team member you need. This helps ensure the changes you asked for are fully understood and replied to, all before you send your emails.

Need to tag more than one person? Anyone who has access to Taxi and the permissions to edit the email can be tagged. You can tag one person, or multiple depending on who you need at any time. Plus, your permissions still work with tagging so you can remove the risk of tagging the wrong person in your Conversations.

gnV43v6Cn0_Ng3HgeMpkLC8yVMzPiirCBK-A-VXiZsCFPji5FYtE06H8toMQUQAlj65-yHbm5rCWfY95_tREZO-abMUgoKVKYsUtnMd0Loh9tBzMATf_bj2_IsVCxzXMyzaDhHwmsZ0� Speed up the time it takes to get an email approved

Creating and sending email can be time consuming and often feedback is provided in a different place to where you build the email. What if you could read your changes and make them in one place? By using Conversations in Taxi you can create a space for your team to make changes confidently, and ask for feedback, in one place. This means you can easily track everything you need, and the whole team has oversight of any suggestions made before the email gets sent.

j_fJWbL5DYd2NeFyZNoBbttdgQBYshKsd0doq6yDV43FWTWHdSxH835ZF788MBqWQ4BZq5wVu5YFdYWQGid2EORRUXgx4W7utn8xyEMo04shvxQoDKabECVovlbf0Y2WlO9XfUtt450<� Get all your notifications in one place

Our bell icon will notify you of any new Conversations you are tagged in, and will display on the left hand side of your screen. This means even if you are working on a different email, you will still get notified if you are tagged. The editor will also highlight any new Conversations to you in yellow to show you if anything is unread.

n945e-9GGVCgHqSYOqYEQxrRLUZui3JuFJ8dYHmeiz7ppVFQdFszPU5JNKbhOMeuOa1uEHxKAvQWkIr1nTIRo_pMVEbdQ8wkuw8MkCCKpLV9V_cAQvbz_ZnPSmfkxNDXI_SsoIVKL-0Get started with Conversations in Taxi for Email today.

If youre already using Taxi, you can start using Conversations today. Check out our straightforward guide to begin with.

Need a helping hand? Let us know! Were here to help you get set up with Conversations  or anything else you need to get the most out of Taxi.

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