Check out our October edition to see what our product team have been working on to make Taxi even better, helping enable you to create your best work!

We work hard every month to make updates to Taxi, to help enable you and your team to create your best work.

Here are our updates for this month:

🦸‍♂️️ Setting Expectations for your images

Even the most beautiful image can’t shine if they are uploaded in the wrong format, get distorted or load slowly. Using Expectations in Taxi, you can set guidelines and email marketing best practices around imagery and stop any mistakes before they happen.

Learn more about setting Expectations here.

🤝 Collaboration bubbles

More than one person on your team working on the same mailing? We have a solution for this!

We have introduced collaboration bubbles in Taxi to help highlight users that are in the same module as you, but might be working out of view (e.g. further down the mailing).

This means you can easily identify who is working on the same mailing, wherever they are in it. We also made a small UI tweak to prevent the version level user bubbles and first module user bubbles from overlapping and causing confusion.

Want to know more about collaboration bubbles?➝

📝 Shortcuts for link tracking profiles

If you're using a link tracking profile, you can now click on the pencil icon to edit the whole profile, rather than only re-naming it. This means you can be more consistent with other areas with Taxi and editing best practice, as well as speeding up the whole process.

✔️ Error summaries from last Email Design System uploads

To help remind you of any previous errors and bugs from your last EDS upload, Taxi now presents a summary of these previous errors the next time you go to upload HTML. This means any fixes you need to make can be made smoothly, without having to re-upload your EDS.

💪 Template page UI improvements

We made a few UI tweaks to the Email Design System page which means:

  • The time stamp of your last upload is displayed clearly to the user
  • We created an icon for you to download your EDS
  • Scrolling can now be done within the panel rather than the whole document scrolling
  • The Field Configuration tab now has accordion controls for you to easily navigate and open and close each field configuration tab.

These UI tweaks have been designed to be more consistent and be easier to interact with.

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