Check out our November edition to see what our product team have been working on to make Taxi even better, helping enable you to create your best work!

We work hard every month to make updates to Taxi, to help enable you and your team to create your best work.

Here are our updates for this month:

🔐 Sending test emails is now easier - for everyone

Whether you'd like to send a test email to your colleague, your client, or your boss, you can now easily add test email addresses to Taxi — even if you're not an account admin. Non-admin users can now add test email addresses in Taxi. To do this, simply ask your Org Admin to switch on the new permission 'add test emails', and you'll be set up to send test emails to anyone who needs to review your campaigns.

📝 Link Tracking updates

We have made a few updates to the Link Tracking page and profiles:

  • The Link Tracking profile page now displays a warning when you try to navigate away without saving - meaning all your hard work won't get lost if you navigate away from the page!
  • You now have the ability to pull the project group name into your Link Tracking profiles, in addition to version, mailing and project name levels. This is especially helpful in situations where you have a country code in your URL.

🤝 New options for your Translation Spreadsheet

We have created some additional options for you to choose from when using/setting up your Translation Spreadsheet, our powerful add-on that helps you streamline your translation processes:

  • When using translation spreadsheet(s) you can now select if you want fields with the same label to be combined into a single row or if you want them to be shown on separate rows for translation.
  • When setting up your translation spreadsheet(s), you are now given the option to either enable the combined content to be translated once and applied to all fields, or give each field its own label which enables each field to be translated individually. This gives you more control over how your content is translated.

💪 Email Design System page improvements

We made a few UI tweaks to the Email Design System (EDS) page which means:

  • EDS previews: You can now preview your EDS without downloading your HTML. Simply hover over the preview image on the EDS page and a preview button will appear. Learn more here.
  • EDS Warnings: Your EDS homepage will now display a yellow warning banner if the last upload was by a different Taxi user, and state which user it was.
  • Managing Brands: We've improved the Manage Branding tab to make it easier to navigate around - you will notice some new awesome icons and an update to the accordion hierarchy.
  • Tab explainers: We have added short explainers to each of the tabs on the EDS page to help you understand what each tab means, to give you more confidence using Taxi!
  • Image hosting: We have made image hosting options easier for EDS designers by adding an explanation of what each hosting option means. Each explanation will also come with a link to the help centre, and have added a progress/status update when choosing the "download images from remote host" option.
  • Stop the nowrap attribute from breaking your emails in Gmail: When an EDS is uploaded, we will now show a warning if a nowrap attribute is present anywhere. This validation won’t affect any current EDS, but you may see warnings when updating HTML.

💪 UI Page improvements

  • We made Taxi faster: We have made improvements to Taxi, to ensure that anyone working from home, using a VPN or a corporate network with high usage will be able to benefit from faster loading and working times. Let's help you make awesome email!
  • Improved security with image domain whitelisting: Embedding images from external sources can pose a potential security threat. To keep your program and your subscribers safe, you can now set up Image Domain Whitelisting to ensure that only images hosted on approved domains can be used in your emails.
  • Update to Default Version Content Grid: To improve the ease-of-use of the default version content tab, the first row has been frozen to enable users to always see what they are editing and is easy to navigate around if you have a lot of fields in the grid.

✔️ Connector updates

Updates to our Omeda connector

We have updated our Omeda connector so that you can now export and schedule out your email campaigns in one click. You can adjust the send time, date and timezone, and can unschedule it in Taxi as well.

Pardot connector

You can now export your emails to Pardot in one-click with Taxi's new connector! And as an added bonus, you can even schedule your Pardot emails in Taxi before exporting them.

More options when using Acoustic segmentation

When using the Acoustic connector, you can now add more conditions (or 'operators') to your segmentation than before. These include 'greater than', 'equal to', 'contains' and many others! If you need to build more complex conditions, we have created a rule builder for you to do so.

📷 Akamai add-on

The Akamai add-on allows you to set up a connection to an external image source, which you can then access through the Taxi for Email editor. You can browse through your files through Akamai's Netstorage API and select an image to insert into your email in Taxi.

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