Send your emails hassle-free using the new Taxi + Omeda connector.

We have been working hard so that your team can seamlessly export your emails from Taxi to Omeda with ease.

Our new Taxi + Omeda connector was built to help marketing teams streamline their email process even further. The connector works by syncing in with your ESP to populate your emails from Taxi into Omeda at the click of a button.

It's never been simpler; create your emails in Taxi, hit the export button and you will see your campaign populate in Omeda ready to send out. Plus, using the connector enables you to tighten up any data security in your ESP, whilst giving your team the freedom to create their emails confidently in Taxi.

Here's just a few ways the Taxi + Omeda connector can help your team create awesome email

⏰ Fewer manual steps
We all know downloading HTML and uploading it into your ESP can be a laborious manual process, especially if you need to make any small changes along the way. The connector frees up the manual steps from this process, meaning all you need to do is click export when you are happy with your changes, and it will populate in Omeda for you.

⌚ Schedule your emails in Taxi
We are making your email workflow easier and smoother than ever before! You don't even have to exit Taxi to schedule your emails in Omeda before exporting. You can set the send time, send date and timezone before you export to Omeda.

🔒 Tightened data security
Want to control who has access to your ESP and your customer data? Taxi + Omeda means your team creating emails in Taxi can export to Omeda without having access to your ESP directly, meaning you can work collaboratively without sharing any sensitive information.

Also, you can set permissions to your Omeda connector to make sure that only those who should be exporting emails do so.

👏 Work more collaboratively
With no limit on how many connectors you can set up in your account, you can easily manage multiple teams with different instances and logins. What's even better, you can set permissions for who has access to each connector, to ensure the right email gets exported to the right folder every time.

Ready to set up your Omeda connector?

Set up your connector today following these easy steps from our help centre or reach out to our awesome Customer Success team who will be able to help you out!

Don't have a Taxi account?

If you don't have a Taxi account, you can reach out to one of our team and set up a demo of the integration.

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Omeda provides a full range of integrated database marketing services, combining information from multiple data streams into one cohesive, interactive database. Through their suite of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications, they enable each of their clients to integrate all of the data touchpoints they have with each of their customers -- product sales, e-newsletters, website interaction, trade shows, events, and any other information -- into a master database featuring "one view of the customer".

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