You can feel confident you'll conquer Black Friday with Taxi's extra support

Black Friday is a cornerstone of any email marketer's year, and a lot of effort goes into it. We understand its importance. Having something unexpected happen on Black Friday is the last thing anyone needs, so we've put extra resources in place to make sure that, whatever happens, Taxi will continue to ensure your email workflow is smooth and efficient.

What are we doing to help?

Pausing updates

Whilst we usually roll out Taxi updates continuously to keep improving your user experience, we will freeze these over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period to avoid the risk of potential issues.

Live support

Another upshot of pausing our update rollouts is there are more of us friendly Taxi folk on hand to help you out — get in touch using live chat in Taxi or email us at for support.

Regular system status checks

Even when things are busy for your team and your fellow email marketers, you can rest assured that Taxi's infrastructure is built to handle times of heavy usage. Plus, our product team monitors Taxi's performance carefully at any time — and is ready to respond quickly should that ever be needed.

You can stay up-to-date on our system status when you visit, and also our status Twitter account at

Working closely with our partners

We are always in contact with our partners, and we regularly test our Connectors to Email Service Providers, and Add-Ons to other tools. Backups already exist in Taxi in case of any issues (such as manual exports), and if you need any support, we are here to help as always through our live chat.

What can you do to help?

A few things you can do to prepare include:

  • Check your Email Design System is rendering well in all key email clients
  • Make sure your QA checklists and workflows are robust, efficient and effective
  • Prepare as much content as you can in advance, including main copy, headers and images
  • Test that your triggered emails setup are working as expected, and up to date
  • Ensure the availability of your team - and get ahead / plan if people are going to be away

I'm ready, what more can I do?

There is no harm in more checks and tests! But if you're confident that you are in a robust position for Black Friday here are some ideas to maximise your performance:

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