Just like a good sports team, it's about working together!

When bringing new technology onboard, whether for budgetary, simplicity or change management reasons, companies can be left with a decision to make. Is this new tech a replacement for another, or is it to work with an existing portfolio? To explain how Taxi works in this context, I'm taking you into a world where I have thrown myself during lockdown. Instead of doing something worthwhile, such as painting, learning a new language or trying to do one million push ups, I have engrossed myself in Football Manager - a football management simulator. Needs must!

Now, some context to this article. I have taken my home-town team Oxford United (with some savvy transfer market business) into the Premier League, yet I now find myself in a dilemma. My team cannot create enough opportunities to score. So I dipped into the transfer market and splashed the cash on a world class creative player whose job it is to create those chances for teammates. And it did the trick. This player has unlocked the potential of the other players and vastly enhanced the team's performances as a whole. Better yet, I didn't have to sell anyone in my team.


Finally fashioning chances to score. Note - this isn't actually my team. It's just for illustrative purposes.

So why am I blathering on about my trials and tribulations in a video game? It's got nothing to do with email right? Well not really but the situation did get me thinking. If you are thinking of bringing Taxi on board, are you viewing it as a replacement for your existing tools, or as the lynchpin to elevate the effectiveness of them?

Taxi enhances your process by working with existing tools

Taxi is not the new summer signing that replaces your old stalwart. It's the one that makes that player and the rest of them tick. It enables your team to win.

In email terms, Taxi is a collaborative platform that specialises in email design and creation. Collaboration is key in email; bringing together tools like render testing, data storage silos and sending platforms so that your team is equipped with everything they need. Different tools specialise in different things, so you want maximum value from each platform but also one centralised place to be able to do it all without switching between them.


Taxi provides a centralised place for everything you want and everywhere you need to connect to in your email process.

And that's a key strength of Taxi; it is a focused and dedicated tool that offers class-leading email design features, and designed to be the heart of your email production to offer you easy and better ways to make awesome email. But what sets it apart is it's collaborative nature with other email tools - it's designed to bring them into the process as well.

This means that Taxi isn't a replacement for any existing tools, it brings them into the new email process in a manageable and efficient way. Your ESP can now focus on list and data storage, distribution, and reporting whilst Taxi handles the heavy work of creating the emails. Need to preview your emails before sending to get assurance that they will render properly? No problem, you can connect tools like Litmus Email Preview to Taxi. Even complex operations like translations (using tools like memoQ) can be seamlessly integrated to form a natural part of your creation process.

Enabling Taxi to connect to external programs, rather than building that into Taxi's own capabilities, would dilute what Taxi can actually bring. The more something can do, the less focus there is on each component feature. This means that Taxi is dedicated to the best-in-class in email creation, and it can bring other class-leading tools into your process so that you have everything you need to make the best email you can. Whether they be sending tools, live imagery, html render checking, translation or task management, Taxi is scalable enough to enable you to connect to them. You're not restricted by the limited capabilities of one 'jack-of-all-trades' tool.

Building your email world around Taxi isn't about replacing tools in order to accommodate it, it's about integrating Taxi into your existing (or desired) portfolio of tools and creating a much faster, easier and more effective email production process. Just like in the world of Football Manager - my marquee signing wasn't forcing anyone out, he just made the whole team a lot better (Bruno Fernandes anyone?).

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