Easily send in multiple languages using our memoQ add-on.

Ensure the right translations get added to the emails you need in Taxi using our newest integration with memoQ.

We have been working hard to make email easier for you in Taxi, so that you can concentrate on creating awesome email time and time again! Our newest integration combines Taxi and memoQ; a translation tool which enables you to manage and automate your translation process.

Taxi and memoQ:

We are excited to launch our memoQ add-on, making your translation experience much faster and less manual.

Using our Taxi + memoQ integration you can send your emails across to MemoQ in one click for the translations to be added, and then send the translated content back to Taxi to be populated into your emails. This can be for as many languages as you like; all you need to do is create the version set you need in Taxi and viola! You are good to go.

Whether it's one language or a group of languages you send in, Taxi and memoQ support this for you. You can set a desired name for the project in memoQ for easy navigation, meaning nothing gets lost along the way!

How will this help your team?

  • Less steps changing between platforms
    Using the new integration you can ensure your team save time by not having to switch between platforms or copy and paste translated content. You can be confident in knowing the right content gets added to the right place in your emails.
  • 👀 Track the progress of your translations in Taxi
    Our Taxi colour code system alerts Taxi users when the translations have been updated in memoQ, cutting out steps in going back and forth in the email process.
  • 👍 Better collaboration across teams
    Be safe in the knowledge that the right teams have access to add the translated content they need in memoQ. Once translations are finished, they will get sent back to Taxi for the team to send out. You can check the progress of the translations by using the icons next to each version name, meaning you can chase the relevant teams for any content awaiting approval.
  • 📧 Last minute changes can be updated with ease
    Avoid any delay managing and updating your translations, by sending them back to Taxi; meaning any last minute changes can be updated with ease. Translations can be sent back to Taxi at the click of a button, so you can be confident your team have the most up-to-date version every time.

How the progress icons work:

We have created a set of progress icons to help you navigate through your emails and know which ones have been updated or are awaiting translation. This means you can reach out to the right teams when needed to get the translations updated in Taxi.




How can I get started?

Want to know more? Explore more with a demo today, or reach out to our team for further information.

Already have a Taxi account? Get started with Taxi and memoQ by reaching out to your Customer Success Manager who will be able to help you set this up.

What is memoQ?

memoQ is an online translation software that allows you to manage and automate your translation process.

You can manage the workflow of your translations using their collaborative translation environment which can help you track projects, maintain the quality of your translations as well as the brand messaging across different languages.

More information on what memoQ do can be found here.

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