Don’t worry, we get it. Security is hard to get your head around. 

When you hand your data over to a service there's always that worry — where is my data actually stored? Is it safe?

Here at Taxi we take security very seriously — below are just some of practices we have in place to make sure we maintain multiple levels of security for our customers, from GDPR compliance to password security.


What is it exactly? The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) aims to give control to people over their personal data.

Find out what GDPR means at Taxi.


As with any online business, we have a responsibility for our customer’s data. So to further strengthen the privacy of our clients at Taxi for Email, we have introduced Two-Factor Authentication.

See how 2FA works with Taxi.

Password Rules For Enterprise Organisations

A data breach can cause lots of damage to any organisation that handles personal data. That’s why good password health is really important to maintain. Along with ensuring industry best practices are applied when creating a password in Taxi, we also have some customisation options for customers on the Enterprise plan.

See how you can help your team keep passwords secure with enterprise password rules.

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