Good password health is important to maintain the security of your personal data and protecting your organisation’s data. A data breach can cause lots of damage to your organisation’s reputation and ultimately cost money.

Taxi has a number of basic password rules that we have in place to ensure you follow some industry best practices when creating a password. We also have customisation options for customers on the Enterprise plan. This will allow you to match your Taxi account with your organisation’s password policy.

Taxi’s basic password rules

Built into every Taxi plan, we have some basic password rules in place. These are based on industry standards, and ensure your account is safe.

On every password, we enforce these rules:

  • The minimum length of a password must be 8 characters
  • We check against an industry standard list of obvious passwords
  • Your password can’t be the same as the email
  • You can't have a password which matches the part before the @ in your email

Enterprise Password settings

If you’re on an Enterprise plan, you can customise your Taxi password rules to match your organisation’s password rules. Only the Organisation Owner can set the password options.

You can set the following password rules:

  • Log out automatically
    This will log a user out after a specified length of time.
  • Prevent multiple logins
    When this setting is enabled, it will log out all other sessions when a user logs in.
  • Force password changes
    Ensure that a user changes their password at specified intervals
  • Prevent password re-use
    Stop users from re-using a password that they’ve previously used.
  • Lock users out after unsuccessful login attempts
    This will stop users from logging back in for a specified period of time, after a specified number of failed login attempts.
  • Specify the length of passwords
    Use these settings to set the length of a password, specify the minimum number of both upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Ban words
    Stop specific words from being used in passwords.

When enabled on your account, these rules sit alongside the standard Taxi password rules that we check against.

Learn how to set up Enterprise Password rules in your account

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