Creating and maintaining on-brand transactional email doesn't have to be a pain. Taxi makes it easy — here's how.

Did you know transactional emails are one of the highest converting emails you can send? Despite this, many brands find sending beautiful, fully functioning and on-brand transactional emails tricky for multiple reasons (which we covered here). Can you relate to any of these?

🔐 Are your transactional emails managed outside of your email teams? Often these emails sit within IT and development teams, making them hard to update which means they can be off-brand.

📈 Do you focus too much on the trigger behaviour rather than customer experience?

🖥️ Is the data you need available to your sending tool?

🚀 Do these emails get sent by a separate Email Service Provider (ESP)?

⏰ Do you have limited control over changes or amends to your emails, or often have to wait a long time for these changes because they sit outside of your team?

Here’s the good news: Taxi can help you make all of these challenges a pain of the past. Here’s how.

How Taxi can help you make better transactional email

Taxi for Email helps your team create the best possible transactional and campaign emails — by helping them focus on content over HTML. Then, when they are done they can be exported into your existing email sending tools (your ESP).

Ensure your transactional emails stay on brand

As the powerful repository for your Email Design System, Taxi allows you to create a set of pre-designed email modules that can be used across all your emails — both promotional and transactional.

“Brand consistency is crucial in email marketing. If your transactional emails are two rebrands behind, you’re risking a disjointed subscriber experience.” - Elliot Ross, CEO - Taxi for Email

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Creating all your emails with the same tool gives your marketing team the control they need, whilst ensuring all emails stay on brand — which means you can deliver a better, more consistent experience for your customers.

Export your emails to any email service provider (ESP)

Many brands use a different ESP for their transactional emails to their marketing campaigns. Whatever your setup looks like, with Taxi’s Connectors you can export your campaigns to any ESP (or even multiple accounts in the same ESP) in just seconds.

You can even export the HTML if you need to provide it to other teams in your organisation — we’ve seen this help marketing teams that want to have more control over transactional emails, but they’re looked after by product or IT teams.

Involve more people in the email process, without the risk

One happy side effect of using Taxi is that by creating email in a different tool to your sending platform, you can open up access to more people to create email — without having to give them access to sensitive data in your other tools. Plus, with Taxi's easy-to-use email editor, everyone on your team can create great-looking emails — no coding skills required.

Handle dynamic and personalisation content with ease

Dynamic content often plays a crucial role in your transactional emails — for example because you’d like to reliably pull in a purchase or order number unique to the customer. As each email sent is triggered by an action from the customer, it needs to have the correct information in the right language to be effective.

No matter how and where you store the data to power your transactional emails, Taxi allows you to pull in content dynamically using personalization strings or dynamic feeds. Whether you’re looking to include personalised discount codes (think birthday offers or rewards systems), order details, or images featuring recommended products, Taxi makes working with dynamic content easy — and you can rest assured that the right content is pulled through at every send.

How Taxi can help you with Dynamic content

Taxi’s dynamic content tools enable content writers to manage personalisation and segmentation without needing to dabble in detailed ESP personalisation language. Once your email is ready to go all you need to do is export it through the connector, and Taxi merges in all the relevant code the ESP needs.

A few considerations to make:


There’s a lot you can do with your data - and whilst it is very likely you will have all of your customers information, it’s useful to think ahead e.g. providing fallbacks for when some data might be missing.

You can pull in any data you need for your transactional emails using personalisation strings. These can be hardcoded into your Email Design System so that you don’t need to remember to add the right personalisation tags before each send. How awesome is that?

All the dynamic fields in this email can easily be populated by using personalisation strings for each module, ensuring you get the right data added at every send.

Dynamic modules

You can create dynamic modules based on user preferences and profile data. For example, choosing to show or hide modules based on preferences is a great way to provide a unique reader experience.


Easily manage emails in multiple languages

Sending transactional email in multiple languages? You can easily localise your links, content, and special characters in Taxi using locale handlebars. This means that no matter where your customer opens their email, the content will match their geolocation. This is such a simple yet super powerful way of making sure everyone who opens and reads your email gets the chance to experience it the way you intended.


Taxi wants to help email marketers gain greater flexibility of their transactional emails by ensuring the right code is added to their Email Design System, and limiting any room for broken links or personalisation tags. This in turn gives marketers the ability to add the additional branding or content they need for certain times of the year, without needing to go in and update the HTML.

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