What sets a really great email design apart from one that’s just… mediocre?

Together with our friends and email design wizards at Mailchimp and Really Good Emails, we help you understand what fundamental design rules you must follow to create great-looking emails that your subscribers will love.

You will...

  • Learn how to craft a layout that pleases the eye (and drives action)
  • Understand how to use typography effectively, despite the limitations of the inbox
  • Get advice on how to make your designs accessible to everyone
  • Learn how to prioritize design tasks (so you can tackle the most important ones now)

Whether you’re new to making email or are looking to improve the look and performance of your existing campaigns, this webinar will provide you with a list of straightforward principles you should put into action to build a strong design foundation — and provides ideas for what’s the cherry on top to make your designs outstanding.

Watch the recording below or get your copy of the webinar slides.

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Alex Kelly



Matthew Smith

Really Good Emails


Elliot Ross

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