This policy statement outlines the Taxi for Emails Directors endorsement and intent for Information Security Management (ISM) within Taxi for Email. Its purpose is to communicate our ISM expectations to all those delivering services upon our behalf or working on our premises.

Some aspects of our operations, including handling personal data and having privileged access to locations, present clear information security requirements, however, it is expected that we treat all our client and internal hard copy and electronic information in a secure manner, throughout all our processes.

Our overall ISM objective is to protect the organisation from incidents that might have an adverse effect on the people we work with, our business operations and our professional standing. Information Security issues can include Confidentiality (people obtaining or disclosing information inappropriately), Integrity (information being altered or erroneously validated, whether deliberate or accidental) and Availability (information not being assessable when it is required).

Many types of incidents can pose a threat to our effective use of information. This includes performance, consistency, reliability, accuracy and timeliness. More detailed ISM objectives and monitoring will be defined separately to this policy, either within a stand-alone document or within management review.

Our information security management system is part of our Data Protection Management System and using this framework, we will assess and manage ISM risk. We shall also understand and comply with any applicable ISM or related legal/regulatory requirements.

This statement has been prepared to demonstrate a commitment to continual improvement within our Information Security Management. This message shall be communicated and understood throughout Taxi for Email and it is expected that all persons performing work on our behalf share this commitment to these values.

This Policy Statement shall be made available to the public, upon request, and shall be communicated and adhered to by all employees, temporary staff, contractors and visitors who enter any of our worksites.

Will Lahr

Director + Co-Founder + CTO

Date: 24th November 2020

Review Date:  24th November 2020