Our new Taxi + Sailthru Connector adds drag & drop WYSIWYG editing to your email workflow.

We’re excited to launch our brand new connector between Taxi and enterprise email platform Sailthru.

The new connector helps marketers make better email, by combining the advanced content management of Taxi with the powerful consumer relationship management capabilities of Sailthru.

Marketers can use Taxi to produce awesome email campaigns, either using the included suite of templates or by uploading their own. By combining Taxi Syntax and Sailthru Zephyr code you can put the creation of personalised, highly relevant email right into the hands of content editors.

Our new connector also adds the ability to specify which members of the audience see different pieces of content, and then loads the final result into Sailthru ready to be sent.  

About Sailthru

Sailthru helps modern marketers acquire, grow, and retain customers. With over 1.6Bn global consumer profiles under management, Sailthru's powerful suite of connected capabilities – including high-performance email, onsite personalization, mobile marketing automation, and unique integrations powering new customer acquisition – drives higher revenue, improves customer lifetime value and reduces churn. The world's most innovative publishers, including Business Insider, Refinery29 and Mashable, and the world's fastest growing ecommerce companies, including Rent the Runway, JustFab and Alex and Ani, trust Sailthru to help them succeed.

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Try out Taxi today – once you’re set up send support a quick message and we’ll turn on the connector for you. You can configure the connector for your Sailthru account by following these simple steps.

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