In our combined decades working as designers in the email industry, there's been one consistent challenge that's never adequately been solved | what happens once we deliver the HTML to a client?

Usually one of two things | the client updates content in the HTML themselves, either by wading through fragile email code, or using a visual editor that more often than not mangles the code. Alternatively, the designer has to amend the code, adding extra cost and work to a project.

So we built Taxi to enable clients to control their email content, without needing to worry about complicated changes to the HTML.

When we were designing Taxi, we thought about the challenges that we have as an email design agency, alongside those of our clients, and what we could do to help make the process more efficient and stress free.

We wanted a platform that would never change your code structure, so you can code your email template however you wish without worrying about what the platform might do to it. Meanwhile, we wanted it to be easy for non-HTML savvy people to make changes to content, without accidentally changing the code. And lastly, we wanted to make it work alongside whichever email platform your clients use.

As it turns out, that design process also helped us solve some other problems, including making email at scale, managing translations and multiple versions, and controlling revisions to your template HTML.

We initially closed-launched Taxi in 2012, and since then have refined Taxi to help a wide variety of organisations go about producing email.

Now we're ready for general release we can't wait for you to take a look and see how Taxi can make modern email easier for your team.

Team Taxi

p.s. Somewhere along the line we did a lot of work with multiple languages, and found that taxis are something that are vastly different across different places, yet also the same. So that's where the name comes from.

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