Check out our July edition to see what our product team have been working on to make Taxi even better, helping enable you to create your best work!

We work hard every month to make updates to Taxi, to help enable you and your team to create your best work.

Here are our updates for this month:

🆙 Upgraded user interface

It's a big one! All Taxi users will now be using our new user interface. The old UI has been made inaccessible to ensure that all users have access to our new upgraded interface.

📡 New Sailthru template connector

Looking to run an automated campaign in Sailthru, but want to create it in Taxi? Look no longer! Users can export mailings to Sailthru as a template, saving you time and effort making repeat mailings for automated campaigns.

Learn more about exporting a template to Sailthru➝

🗣 Added functionality to translation spreadsheets

When exporting, you can now choose from a custom language code or a version name of a previously made mailing. This is from a dropdown menu that has been added to the settings. This gives you more choice on how you track and link your translation spreadsheet to your chosen mailing.

🔒 Labels for naming conventions

Labels can now be added with descriptions to mailings that use the naming convention. Labels act as hints for the user and can be added for each text field in your naming convention to ensure emails are named correctly each time.

Want to add these labels? Find out more about naming conventions here➝

🔒 Taxi Syntax updates

We've made updates to our awesomely powerful Taxi Syntax!

1) Utility tags: Using content and escape tags together
This enables you to use code from your ESP or another third party platform in your HTML that you don’t want visible when creating emails but you do want to be able to edit and configure.

Find out more about this, and utility tags as a whole, here➝

2) Approaches to text formatting
Want to know how to add different bits of styling to rich text fields? We've updated our syntax guides to give an overview of using superscripts, subscripts, strikethroughs and text highlights.

Learn more here➝


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