Every month our product team work hard to make Taxi even better, helping to enable marketers create awesome email!

We work hard every month to make updates to Taxi, to help enable you and your team to create your best work.

Here are our updates for this month:

🖼 Customise your Content Delivery Network (CDN) notifications

Want to define when you want to be notified about reaching your CDN limit? You can now do this in you CDN settings, as well as the users you want a notification to be sent to.

See how to do so in our help centre.

💬 Translation spreadsheet add-on

Enable copy to be exported from Taxi in a spreadsheet with this add-on. You can add your translated copy into the spreadsheet, then import it back into Taxi and translated versions of the email are made.

Learn how to set up and use the Translation Spreadsheet add-on

📝 Renaming cloned mailings

When cloning a mailing, a pop-up will now appear for you to rename the mailing, giving you the option to remove "clone of" from the version name.

Need to know how to clone your mailings? Learn how here

🧱 Email naming convention

Taxi now enables you to establish specific naming structures for your email campaigns. Create rules for mailing names so they follow a code or structure of your choosing, decreasing errors in job codes for your email, and enabling you to categorise and filter them for quicker selection of particular emails.

Find out how to set up naming conventions

👉 Permissions in personalisation fields

Give users and teams permissions to a specific personalisation field on your account with this new feature. When users add personalisation in the editor they will only see the personalisation fields they have access to.

Learn how to control who can see and use personalisation fields

🦸‍♂️ Project permissions

You can now set project permissions using a search bar or dropdown menu. Simply click 'allow access' on the updated project permissions page to grant permission for each user or team. Visit our help centre to learn how.

📄 Adding ESP specific code to single segments

You can now input the necessary ESP script you want to include in the segmentation set-up page. This code will be added when the single segment is used, when exporting in Taxi. This is supported with the Adobe, Braze, Dotdigital and Salesforce Content Builder connectors.

Learn about creating and managing single segments

Improvements to Taxi

Not only are we working to create new features for Taxi, we are constantly checking and acting on feedback to improve our existing features too! Here is a quick list of what we have improved this month:

  • Iterable updates:
    You can now create a transactional template, and a campaign linked to an Iterable template. See how Taxi + Iterable works here.
  • We have updated our colour palette for alert badges to make them more readable for Taxi users.
  • Single segment rules are now supported using the Braze and Dotmailer connectors.
  • Taxi will notify you when uploading an image in CMYK format, letting you know the image will render differently across email clients.
  • We have made some updates to ensure the module previews in the Taxi editor work as expected.
  • You can now see who has been assigned the template owner, and edit details of your template in the template settings page.
  • You can now see what projects, mailings and versions a team has access to. This is available on the access list tab on a teams settings page.
  • Slot IDs now only show in non master versions when the non master is different from the master.


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