Why should you use Taxi alongside your ESP?

Email Service Providers (ESP - also known as Email Sending Platforms) have powerful data capabilities when it comes to sending emails. And most ESP editors are great for getting started with creating your emails. However as your business grows, and more people are involved in the email production process, you need to be able to create multiple versions of emails efficiently and at scale. Whether these are emails in different languages, or to different segments of your subscriber list; sending lots of the same email can be tedious, time-consuming and risky.

Taxi alleviates this by sitting on top of your ESP(s) and helping you to create emails at pace and at scale, with multiple teams working on them. Let's dig into this a bit more.

Create emails faster

Taxi helps your team scale your email production process and build on what your ESP can do.

Once you have your desired email segments set up in Taxi, all of your writers can apply these segments to an email in Taxi, without needing to look up how. You can then preview an email that contains only the content for that segment. This massively cuts down the amount of time it takes to build, preview and quality assess your emails.

Don't know your utm_medium from your utm_source? No matter, you can manage all of your link tracking automatically - by having Taxi add them for you, following the rules that you define. That equates to more control, and less time creating and adding the tags.

Sub-templates mean that you can reuse the same email template across multiple brands, and only make small necessary adjustments for each brand (for example; logo, colours, segment layout). This means your developers need to build only one master template that powers all of the other sub-templates. This saves you time in constantly recreating templates for differing brands, and the cost that comes with this,

Simplify your process

Personalisation in Taxi lets you add personalised fields into your emails without having to touch the ESP-specific code. Taxi does this for you. You can now personalise emails more quickly and with less stress, leaving you time to be creative in other areas.

Using multiple ESPs, data sets or even instances of one ESP is no problem either. You can connect them all to Taxi and have a consistent process to build all your different emails, whether this includes personalisation, segmentation, link tracking or is just a simple HTML email. You can be free and happy that the fuss and hassle of having multiple processes for ESPs and data sets is now consolidated into one simple process.

More control, less mistakes

In Taxi, you don't have to give your teams access to the HTML behind the email. Taxi keeps your HTML and content separate. You can make updates to the HTML behind your template without changing and potentially breaking the content, and even retroactively apply changes to your design.

The HTML that you upload is the HTML that you get out. We don't mess with your email code. Taxi Syntax is wrapped around your code to tell Taxi what to do with it. This lets Taxi work it's magic with your own work; we want you to keep that! And when you export your email from Taxi to your sending platform, the Syntax is removed - so what you have is an extremely efficiently coded email.

Repetition ruins motivation

Ordinarily each version of an email needs to be individually tested. This is time-consuming and de-motivates your teams. But with Taxi's segmentation and inheritance features, you can build your email master 'version' once, test it once, and be secure that all emails that are exported from it are working. Time, stress and boredom testing lots and lots of emails is now gone.

Thinking of switching ESPs? Not a problem, Taxi can easily connect with many common and uncommon ESPs so that no matter what you use, Taxi can work with you to make better emails.

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