Taxi helps you get the most out of link tracking, without it becoming a chore.

Link tracking is an important tool in an email marketer's kit. Being able to track user behaviour can help you build a more complete picture of your audience. And this is beyond the surface metrics of click-rates. It looks into 'paths' taken beyond the email (i.e what pages people visited on your website after getting there via a link in your email). This gives a truer view of your campaign's performance. This is invaluable when it comes to:

  • customer user journeys
  • campaign performance monitoring
  • indicated interest in email content
  • interest in events without registering
  • website/ landing page user experience
  • proving ROI

With this information, marketers can then tailor subsequent email campaigns to be more suitable or targeted and improve marketing performance. Great right?

Currently, link tracking can be tricky to get right. It is time-consuming to do. It requires lots of concentration and checks. And if an easy-to-miss error sneaks in, it doesn't work at all.

Taxi's link tracking manager is designed to change all of this. It makes it quicker, easier and reduces errors. This gives your team the confidence to use link tracking more often, and you can prove ROI from email campaigns with similar ease and speed.

How link tracking is traditionally done

As standard, adding link tracking can be a long and repetitive process. This is even after you've worked out what parameters (the measurable factors of link tracking) you'd like to set. You would need to:

  • Create tracking codes for each link.
  • Ensure they are correct.
  • Paste them over to each link in every email.
  • Re-check them in the QA process.

Lots to do and lots that could go wrong. Teams can become frustrated and stuck in a repetitive cycle with this traditional method. With all the intricacies and potential pitfalls, it becomes easier not to do it than to do it.

How link tracking is done in Taxi

Taxi enables you to manage link tracking easily, automatically and with more control than ever before. You can add trackable links for third party services, such as Google Analytics, following customised rules defined by you.


Taxi's Link Tracking Manager gives you a host of option to tailor your tracking at a granular level.

By creating link tracking profiles that require just a one-time setup, you can enable Taxi to automate the whole process. You can also select the UTM (Urchin Traffic Module for anyone that's interested) parameters that you want Taxi to add. You can set up as many profiles as you like for different types of campaigns (e.g newsletters, triggered emails etc) so that your link tracking client can tell them apart. Or you can create one profile, and set rules so Taxi knows to attach tracking parameters to different campaigns.

You can go even deeper and establish rules for specific links within a campaign. For example if you had links that go to your website and links that go to specific landing pages, you can set up rules to track these types of links automatically.

Once the profile is linked to a campaign, and the tracking links are assigned in the editor, Taxi adds the UTM codes to your links automatically upon exporting. Meaning you can focus on the link and setting the profile(s) up to what you want, and let the tracking take care of itself.

Why the Taxi way is the best for link tracking

Taxi takes out any stress and strain from using link tracking. The initial setup of the link tracking profiles and rules means that applying it to your emails is easy, straightforward and automated. No more copy and paste, no more manual effort and no more missed links. This gives your team back hours to do more creative work, or concentrate on the analytics that come from link tracking.

It gives your team the confidence to use link tracking too. With copying and pasting, and complicated UTM codes, it's difficult to know that what you have copied over is 100% accurate. If one part is wrong or missing, the tracking will break. Taxi's automation ensures this can't happen. You control what is inputted into the profile in the initial setup, and you don't have to touch this again. Your team can easily attach link tracking to all types of email with ease and speed, and without worrying about errors.

The link tracking manager is really flexible and customisable to your workflow. You can set up a profile for each campaign, or type of email that you wish to send. Or you can set up one profile and set as many rules as you wish. This tells Taxi what to track on what emails, giving you flexibility whilst enabling you to be as granular as you wish.

Confidence can inspire more regular usage of the link tracking feature. More use gives you a wider and more in-depth picture of how your emails are performing. With this data, you can tweak and optimise campaigns. This gives your email marketing a greater chance to achieve peak efficiency and hit targets. Plus, you can prove more value and ROI from the email channel.

Taxi's link tracking manager also adds a multitude of little functions that help save time and reduce room for error. For example, you can ensure 'mailto' or 'tel:' links are never automatically tracked. This makes sure your tracking results aren't skewed by non-relevant links, and that the data you obtain is as clear as possible.

In essence, Taxi's link tracking manager helps you:

  • Save time
  • Reduce errors
  • Be as flexible as you want
  • Prove more ROI from your email channel
  • Keep your team happy!

To find out more about link tracking in Taxi, get in touch with us to talk through how it can help you.

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