Adding live imagery and interactive elements into your emails has never been easier, thanks to our new add-on with Liveclicker!

We have been working closely with Liveclicker (a live imagery platform) to pull interactive elements for your email campaigns from Taxi. And we are now excited to officially launch our Liveclicker add-on, making the experience much faster and less manual.

How does Taxi + Liveclicker work?

Taxi's add-on with Liveclicker works as a feed; pulling in content from one platform to the other. All dynamic imagery is created in Liveclicker, then once you're happy you can head to Taxi to build out your email.

The process has never been simpler. Search for the campaign you want to pull in from (Taxi has a search bar, meaning no endless scrolling!). Click on the element you want to add and ta da!, watch it populate in Taxi.

For each campaign Liveclicker also gives you a tracking pixel to track the duration of an open. There is no limit to the number of tracking pixels you include in Taxi so you can use as many Liveclicker elements in an email as you need.

A smoother email process

Adding live imagery directly into Taxi is now easier than ever, thanks to our new add-on. You can search for, and, add all your elements from Liveclicker into Taxi with the click of a button. No more switching between platforms means a smoother build process for the whole team.

Plus, last minute changes no longer require you to go back and recode or copy and paste. Taxi will automatically update when images change in Liveclicker, reducing the risk of any delays and ensuring your campaigns will be sent out on time.

Create personalised emails quicker

The Liveclicker add-on gives you the power to pull over your interactive content into Taxi. This can be into whichever module you need in your template, all without having to touch any of the code.

There's no need to worry about copying and pasting the wrong thing, or missing out a chunk of HTML. You can focus on getting the right content into your emails and ensure that your dynamic and personalised emails are always performing as you need them to.

Collaborative working

Instead of using two very effective platforms independently, you can experience the power of both platforms together for a smoother workflow. Plus, you're able to cut out unnecessary steps in your process.

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What is Live Clicker?

Liveclicker helps brands bring meaning to their messages and spark connections at key moments of opportunity. They make it easy to design captivating experiences that drive conversions, loyalty, and ROI.

Leading enterprises around the world use their intuitive platform to engage customers with personalized marketing that adapts in real time for the greatest relevance and business impact.

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