Export your emails in just a few clicks using our latest partnership with Klaviyo.

We are so excited to announce our integration with Klaviyo, which enables you to send your emails from Taxi in just a few steps. Our integration supports exporting dynamic content such as personalisation and segmentation, as well as giving you the ability to update current emails. This means you can be confident that any email you send to Klaviyo from Taxi has everything you need added to it, before you send it out to your subscribers.

A bit about Klaviyo&

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform with powerful email and SMS marketing automation, created specifically to support online businesses. Alongside being an email sending platform and customer data hub, it enables you to build experiences across email and owned channels with results also measured in revenue - not just the standard open or click rates. A commitment to data science and machine-based learning makes finding real-time customer insights easier than ever before.

What does the integration support?

Our integration enables you to directly export your emails from Taxi to Klaviyo, so you can send your emails without needing to copy and paste HTML or export links. You can also update current emails in Klaviyo without creating a new version, so your team knows which email they need to work on and you can ensure your campaign lists are nice and clean in Klaviyo.

We also support dynamic content such as Segmentation and Personalisation, which means you can create all your different types of content for your audiences in Taxi rather than doing the work after you export. Plus, in Taxi our Segmentation builder gives you the option to view your segment sets in the editor so you can see who sees what >|.

klaviyo-connector-page.png#asset:2439How Taxi + Klaviyo helps your workflow

We understand that you will often need to update your email if amendments appear at the last minute. Easy to do in the editor, but what if you've already exported the email to the ESP? Having to re-export can be time consuming and frustrating, especially if it happens multiple times! Taxi's integration with Klaviyo prevents this by ensuring any last-minute changes made in Taxi are replicated in the already exported email sitting in Klaviyo ready to go. All you need to do once all your changes are made is hit send. No more re-exporting!

Klaviyo-campaign-version.png#asset:2440Straightforward Segmentation

Often you might create your email and then segment in your ESP after, which can mean you might need to create multiple versions and then apply the right data set to each segment. Using Taxi you can set up the segments you need and then apply these whilst building the email, instead of after building it. All without touching your sensitive customer data.

And because Klaviyo provides you with the ideal data insight platform, giving you windows into customer behaviour and preferences, you can create segments in Taxi that support this as well. For example you might segment on:

  • Customer behaviour (promotions)
  • Events
  • Type of customer (loyalty, geography, spending history)

Find out more about Taxi + Klaviyo

If you would like to know more about our integration with Klaviyo and what this can do for you, we can set up a demo or you can talk to our Customer Success team.

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