We're excited to announce our integration with Iterable! You can now directly export your emails from Taxi, ready to send. 

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Taxi + Iterable connector. We have combined the industry's best email production tool with the leading growth marketing tool, so you can transform your email design and production, dramatically improving your ROI while doing less work!

The new connector allows distributed teams to effortlessly build world-class emails with high production values and then push them directly into Iterable ready to send. 

You can also use Taxi’s segmentation feature, allowing you to build segmented elements within your email using the Iterable boolean logic. Advanced segmentation tools in Taxi allow you to send unlimited variations of your email without creating extra work for designers or CRM owners.  Content can be added or removed at an individual level using any data point without impacting your email design meaning you can create once and let Taxi and Iterable do the heavy lifting.  Once exported from Taxi it will pull from the data stored in your Iterable account and be ready to send.

What is segmentation in Taxi?

Segmentation in Taxi refers to the segmenting of your recipient list. Splitting your audience into multiple segment sets gives you total control and flexibility over which recipients are receiving specific content. Segmentation gives you the ability to generate emails with dynamic content being sent as one email campaign, rather than creating separate email campaigns for each segment set.

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About Iterable:

Iterable is the growth marketing platform empowering some of the world’s leading brands to achieve world-class customer engagement at scale. It enables you to create, execute and optimize campaigns across email and many other platforms. 

The growth marketing platform for cross-channel customer engagement, empowering you to deliver completely seamless, personalized customer experiences

Learn more at: https://iterable.com/ 

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