We've partnered with Fresh Relevance, and integrating personalised content in Taxi is even easier. 

We have integrated both platforms to work seamlessly with each other, meaning you can now add dynamic and personalised content in Taxi with the click of a button.

Our add-on will cut out the manual steps, reducing time from switching between platforms, helping your team be more productive and produce email quicker with less error.

What is Fresh Relevance?

Fresh Relevance is the comprehensive personalisation platform for digital marketers that drives revenue and loyalty by delivering a targeted cross-channel customer experience.

Powered by real-time data and machine learning, Fresh Relevance seamlessly works with the existing martech stack, unifies siloed data and tracks all customer behaviour. Providing unique, actionable insights into each shopper, the platform helps select the most relevant tactics from an unrivalled range of digital marketing tools to guide customers along their journey across channels and devices.

More information on Fresh Relevance can be found here.


How does this work? 

Our Fresh Relevance add-on is integrated within the Taxi editor, which includes a search function to look-up and select the slot you want to add into your email. Once selected, you can see it populate automatically in the editor in real-time.

Also, any changes made in Fresh Relevance will automatically update in Taxi, meaning you are always working from the most up-to-date version. This new way of working means your team save time copying and pasting HTML blocks from Fresh Relevance, and there is no need to switch between the two platforms. 

Simply create your blocks in Fresh Relevance, and do the rest in Taxi! 

Saving you time

Taxi + Fresh Relevance gives you a quicker production time, as you're now able to control which Taxi modules you want to be able to use with Fresh Relevance. 

Much alike Taxi Master Templates, you can be as flexible or locked down as you need, and modules can be mocked up to be responsive to the design size. So your team aren't pressured by manually adding each slot and recoding the size of images and they can focus on the email content. 

Want more? The feed is live, so any changes you make in Fresh Relevance will automatically populate in Taxi. This means last minute changes, or changes to products won't be at risk of delay. 

Less room for error

No more copying and pasting HTML (win!) means there's less risk of unwanted/markup code being added. Your untouched code will render the way you want it to, meaning you can spend more time focusing on the design. 

The Taxi and Fresh Relevance add-on pulls in the image source and the link of the image you want, into the module it needs to sit in. By cutting out the manual steps, your teams focus can be ensuring your dynamic and personalised emails are performing the way you want them to in Taxi. 

Combining tools effectively

We teamed up with Fresh Relevance to help you create better email. Instead of using two very effective platforms independently, you can experience the personalisation power of Fresh Relevance and the production capabilities of Taxi together

Our add-on means you can avoid adding unnecessary steps in your email process, leading to a smoother workflow with less mistakes which means a happier marketing team!

Take a demo today, or reach out to our team for more information. 

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