Today is an exciting day for Taxi for Email. For our team, for our customers, and for email teams everywhere.

We are thrilled to announce that weve been acquired by email powerhouse SparkPost! Its a big week for SparkPost (and now us!). This is exciting for the market, because Taxi for Email complements SparkPosts mission to elevate email and unleash its potential.

For those of you who dont (yet!) know SparkPost, they are the worlds most trusted email sending and deliverability platform. They send a massive amount of the worlds commercial email - 4.5 Trillion (with a T!) a year. Their powerful sending, combined with the worlds largest data footprint and decades of expertise in supporting even the most sophisticated senders, are what help their customers achieve higher than industry average deliverability 95% of the time.

But also, what excites me most about becoming a part of the SparkPost family is how they are going to help us scale Taxi for Email in a way that would have taken us years to achieve on our own. SparkPost loves our platform just as much as you do and is committed to continuing to deliver on the product excellence that you expect. The combined company will continue to offer the Taxi for Email platform as a standalone solution (working with whichever ESP you like)  and with new resources we will not only expand the platform but also combine it with SparkPosts broader portfolio of enterprise email solutions.

And fyi - Im not going anywhere. I started this company seven years ago with Will Lahr on the premise that we could help teams make email better, because it was just way too hard before we developed our product. And with SparkPost by our side, this next phase of Taxis growth is going to be a really fun one. Youll still see me as active as ever - only now as a member of the SparkPost team.

I want to thank the whole Taxi for Email team that helped us get to this major milestone, our awesome customers that have never stopped helping us to innovate and to our new colleagues at SparkPost. Heres to exciting days ahead!



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