Taxi has built a connector with Episerver so that your team can directly export emails from Taxi, at the click of a button.

Using our Taxi + Episerver connector you can further automate your email process. Direct exports between the two platforms will reduce the number of manual steps for your team, meaning more time to create awesome email!

The Episerver connector also makes it much easier to create and export personalised and segmented emails. This means you can ensure the right person receives the right content each time you send out your campaign.

Here are five ways the new Taxi + Episerver helps your team make better email.

Seamlessly export and update emails

Using the connector means there's no reliance on touching any code of individual emails at any part of your process, so you can ensure consistently rendered emails each time.

The connector also gives the option to update an existing email. Any last minute changes can be made hassle-free in Taxi, and once exported they will update the campaign you have chosen in Episerver. This keeps the emails hosted in Episerver concise, less confusing and minimises any overlaps of similar content.

Manage teams through connectors

There is no limit on how many connectors you can set-up in your Taxi account, which is great for teams with different instances or logins.

Taxi gives the option to set permissions for each connector, meaning teams with their own Episerver instances will have no risk of updating the emails of a different team. Our permission feature give you control over which teams see which connectors, meaning you can be as visible or locked down as you need.

When exporting, these controls mean every team will only have the correct options for exporting available to them.

Send in multiple languages

Using Taxi you can create multiple versions of one email, with set templates for each. For example, if you set versions by language you might use a different template for right to left (RTL) languages like Arabic or Hebrew. These would automatically update with the formatting you need, and once populated with content can be exported together.

Exports for multiple versions means less manual steps copying and pasting code for each email, greater control over the content as you can control how everything renders in the template and a quicker QA process.

Easy personalisation in your emails

Personalisation tags can be set in your Taxi account using the ESP-specific code from Episerver. Once set up they can be added to any rich text field using a dropdown in the editor.

Simply decide which personalisation tags you want to use, add them in Taxi and then use as many times as you need in your emails! For every personalisation tag added to your email, the value will also be inserted into the HTML, pulling in the right data once previewed/exported to Episerver.


Segment to your audience

Taxi's segmentation feature gives you the option to send unique content to specific groups of people based on the data you have about your customers in Episerver.

You can create segmented emails in Taxi which has all the code set up for you in just a few clicks. Instead of having to recode the HTML whenever you want to send a segmented email, you can now save valuable time by automating your data sets.

Once your segments are created, you can add the content you want each audience to receive. Instead of creating multiple versions of the same email for each segment, Taxi will create segmented blocks for each defined group. This means you can keep your emails concise, by working off one version of HTML. Our editor gives you the option to view each email for each audience so you can guarantee the right person receives the right content.

Episerver fully supports segmentation, and once your emails are ready to send you can simply export and send your email out.

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