AI-driven machine learning, hyper-relevance and in-depth testing are big trends in email marketing — but marketing teams struggle to find time and resource to do anything other than day-to-day execution. 

When speaking with marketers, one consistent message we hear is that they want to try new technologies and strategies, but simply don't have the time. We’re passionate about helping email teams achieve more, so here is how we can help you achieve this in 2018:

Helping your email team work efficiently

Across the email marketing industry, many teams are working inefficiently. Marketers have to spend too much time in the weeds working on execution, that they are unable to work on the bigger picture, or even improve their process. Likewise, developers spend time on content population and last minute amends, which increases risk of making a mistake, and takes up valuable time that can be spent improving HTML rendering across the board.

Creating email is complicated, but the current process is often messy:

Using Taxi, everyone on the email team can focus on the areas where they add most value:

  • Designers and Developers can create master templates with perfect rendering, with precise control over how they can be updated, and what happens when content is added.
  • Editors, Copywriters and Translators can create email campaigns easily, focusing on content without needing to manipulate HTML code. Being able to write content in place helps avoid amend rounds to make content fit the layout.
  • Marketers can oversee progress, and manage access and workflow across the team.

Once everything is ready, it’s easy to export send-ready HTML, or connect to your sending platform.

As a result, the email process is much smarter:

Using Master Templates

Often the word ‘template’ puts off marketing teams – it can be synonymous with inflexible, imperfect, unsuitable. But master templates needn’t cause these issues. It’s perfectly possible to build a template that considers all the possible layouts that you might need, and includes the flexibility you need to make changes without requiring a rebuild.

Master templates help brands in many ways:

  • They reduce the HTML workload for individual campaigns, which means email can be produced quicker and reduces individual campaign costs.
  • They reduce the possibility for errors and rendering issues, which in turn allows for time saving on QA and amend rounds.
  • As structural code is reused, it becomes more valuable and therefore it’s easier to justify spending more time and resource on improving the mobile experience, and ensuring the template code is top quality.
  • By making the day-to-day creation of email campaigns easier, developers can then spend more time on creating above-and-beyond email campaigns, exploring interactive and mobile-first techniques.

Using Taxi Syntax, designers and developers can add precise control over how a template can be used in Taxi, to ensure that all emails adhere to brand values. For enterprise organisations, features like Sub-Templates enable multiple branded templates to be produced from the same master HTML.

Reducing the email production time

Often brands take weeks or even months to create email campaigns. One client told us “it takes 100 emails to create one email”. Using smarter tools and a more effective process means that email can be produced more quickly, both in person-hours and in time frame.

It takes 100 emails to send one email

— CRM Manager, UK High St Retailer

A shorter production timeline has the benefit of reducing amends caused by content going out of date (due to stock levels, for example) and also helps drive better returns from email campaigns, as brands can become more reactive to their competitors and changes to the market.

Explore new techniques

What can you do when the email team is working more efficiently? Plenty. Clawing back time from day to day production enables teams to truly explore significant improvements they can add. Those might be experimenting with new technologies such as AI, or more traditional things like devising tests, trying different content approaches or catching up on analytics data.

Send more & better email, with the same resources

All of the above benefits enable teams to produce email to a better standard, in less time. That means a better experience for the audience, and ultimately achieving higher ROI from the channel.

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