New Adventures is one of our favourite conferences. This year’s conference explores speculative and critical design, radical inclusivity, climate, sustainability and much more. 

At Taxi we think that the topics covered at #naconf are important — sometimes uncomfortable — but vital for web companies to consider. We’re at a crossroads in our work creating tools for the web; one that has ethical, privacy and sustainability implications.

We’re looking forward to hearing talks from some of the leading lights in responsible design - from Tatiana Mac, Jeff Even, Florence Okoye, Laura Kalbag, Natalie Kane and more (see the full list of speakers).

If you’re heading to the conference, come and say hi! Hattie, Matt and Elliot are heading there (here’s what we look like) — if you can't make it, we'll be tweeting @TaxiforEmail, and we’re helping bring some of the talks online afterwards.

What is Taxi for Email?

We believe that email is an important medium for marketing and product teams, and there should be a better way to make it.

The process for creating email can be cumbersome; involving many people, complex HTML challenges, and taking too much time to get the right content in front of the right people.

With Taxi, everyone on the email team does their best work. We’re a platform that helps brands and teams create better quality email, quicker and at a larger scale. Once you’re ready, you can export from Taxi to whatever tools you use to send marketing email.

TL;DR: Design systems for email. Loads of stuff to make email less painful. Then send with whatever tool you want.

Want a New Adventures taster?

Watch Ethan Marcotte’s excellent talk The World-Wide Work, from NaConf 2019:

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Taxi helps marketing teams make better quality email, quicker, at a larger scale.

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