Awesome marketing campaigns deserve a shoutout; here's a few to take note of!

Let's share the marketing love! Each month we identify some companies we can learn from or simply admire for their creative work - here's a few we love.

Doughnut Time:
Even those words make me hungry! These guys have been doing some awesome work to keep their sweet treats in the centre of the marketing space. They started by creating DIY decorating kits - ranging from Easter specials to vegan ranges. You can head to their Instagram page to keep up to date with their new releases and offers!

This is a great idea for children at home during lockdown, but also friends and family who want to get creative with some tasty treats! Great work guys.


"A virtual bouquet"


Sharing really is caring, especially when we can't go and meet our friends or family. Glossier created a lovely email earlier this month featuring a virtual bouquet you could forward on to a friend. Sometimes it's the smaller campaigns which have a bigger impact! And it's little touches like this which can really brighten up someones day.

"Listening together"


Spotify have recently launched their #ListeningTogether campaign across social and digital channels to celebrate bringing people together through music - even during isolation. Their listening together microsite includes playlists created by artists like Dolly Parton, Lil Yachty and Selena Gomez. This week you can listen to Alicia Keys’ “Cooking Together” playlist for her favourite nourishing tracks. Why not purchase a doughnut time DIY kit and decorate to an awesome playlist? Now is the time!

"Food love stories"

Tesco has been pulling at our heartstrings and taste buds in their latest food love stories campaign. They asked the nation to create a special dish to a loved one and share it on social media using the hashtag #FoodLoveStories. They aired some of the top love stories on ITV in support of key workers throughout the country. For any recipe inspiration you can head to their page and make a food love story of your own!


Emily's crisps:

"Eat bold"


You might have seen this campaign already on social media - Emily's crisps launched their marketing campaigns across the UK over the bank holiday weekend. Their original messaging was replaced with some light-hearted messaging, making fun of their own misfortune in the current situation. It's great to see brands getting creative and injecting positivity to everyone, which in turn brought the online community together.

That's all for now, but let's continue spreading the marketing love!

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