Awesome marketing campaigns deserve a shoutout; here's a few to take note of.

Let's share the marketing love! Each month we identify some companies we can learn from or simply admire for their creative work - here's a few we love.

Kentucky Fried Chicken:

Chicken-lovers across the nation are getting excited by being able to eat the Colonel's special-recipe chicken again after weeks of shutdown. Whilst many have been trying to make their own, replicate the packaging and show the world on Instagram, it just hasn't cut the honey-mustard (sorry).

KFC's marketing team took notice of this and incorporated it into their new advert, as a loving tribute to their loyal customer base. Combined with their innovative response to last year's chicken delivery issue, they've made sure their recent marketing aren't just poultry offerings, and are staying abreast of the competition... I'll stop.


With summer fast approaching, people would ordinarily be gearing up for holidays and trips abroad. Sun kissed beaches, relaxation, and immersing ourselves into a foreign culture, all just a few weeks away. Since that is not really a viable option at the moment, TripAdvisor have decided to try and bring these experiences to you. Pointing you in the direction of online classes that teach Greek dance, Italian cocktail making, and Indian cooking, it's an innovative way to keep TripAdvisor on the mind. 

A composite of the same TripAdvisor email. Doesn't it just scream holiday??

BrewDog's Dog Bites Newsletter:

We've not really covered too many ongoing newsletters here before but BrewDog's is worthy of a shoutout. Allied to its signature, anarchic brand and messaging style are great thought leadership articles that help you get to know the business and the industry. Also any offers and promotions are put at the end of the newsletters, enabling the articles to shine through at the top and create a non-pushy newsletter that values the reader and doesn't treat them as a wallet full of money. We love this!

A composite of the latest BrewDog newsletter. Notice how it's informational as opposed to sales-focused.


This isn't strictly a marketing campaign but it's a great piece of brand marketing by Vogue. The fashion and lifestyle magazine, known for its coverage of celebrities, lifestyle and fashion trends, and beauty advice, has taken a step into (some would argue) the 'real world' and are launching 3 versions of their upcoming July edition featuring key workers on the front covers instead of the usual glossy cover stars.

A side-by-side comparison of a 'normal' Vogue cover and the July 2020 'key workers' edition.

Making expensive tastes and high-fashion relatable at such a time can be tricky but Vogue's coverage, both in pictorials and article content, has shone their light on people who ordinarily would have gone unrecognised. Being on the cover of such a magazine has encouraged them to feel a heightened sense of pride in what they do. Nice work Vogue!

Statements about Black Lives Matter:

Many brands have addressed the Black Lives Matter movement in their marketing channels, including their email marketing. Whilst these are not attempts at promotional marketing, these statements are helping take heed of the current situation, and now need to be acted upon. Getting them out there is a first step, of many, in tackling this long-standing blight on society. 

That's all for now, but let's continue spreading the marketing, and general, love!

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