Twitters highlights from day 4 at #LitmusLiveWeek.

We were so excited to tune into the fourth day of #LitmusLiveLondon! If you missed out on today's talks, don't worry Twitter (and Taxi For Email) have gathered a few tweets from the day to give you some insight into what the day had in store.

Email might not be the first time you start talking to the customer, so make your communication a natural extension.

Ask your subscribers what they want people!

And yes, email clients do render differently across each web client.

Thanks to Mike from Really Good Emails who reminded us why pop-ups aren't fun, but do have their benefits.

And welcome back to the dark side of pop-ups. Don't like to be shamed? Why shame your readers? It's not cool!

Don't be a nagger, be a nudger.

Don't focus on metrics, list growth is a vanity metric.

Customers aren't always as loyal to our brand as we are:

And finally, for anyone who has every found themselves asking this very important question:

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