We are really excited to launch our connector with Yes Marketing — combining the power of both Yes Marketing + Taxi to help marketing teams create great email.

We love ESPs and want to help you get more value from them. Which is why we have integrated with Yes Marketing, meaning you can now directly export your campaigns from Taxi.

Our new connector cuts out the manual steps for you, enabling you to upload and update your campaigns directly from Taxi. Connecting Taxi with your ESP means less time is spent copying and pasting the HTML into your ESP platform, saving you time and helping your team find their #EmailZen.

Here is how Taxi + Yes Marketing will help you achieve better results and create better email:

Simplifying your email process

Making email can be tricky, but we are here to help you simplify your process. Create and populate your email campaigns in Taxi and our new connector enables you and your team to export your work straight into Yes Marketing, ready to send.

Saving you time

Using Taxi, you can set up your personalisation fields in Taxi and add them to your email during the build stage. All changes will be saved, and can be exported directly to Yes Marketing. Personalisation tags can be saved and added to any mailing you are working in, meaning a lower risk of code error and smoother process.

Cutting down your QA process

You can now add tracking to all your links in Taxi, using our link tracking manager feature. Instead of manually copy and pasting link tracking strings onto every url, Taxi enables marketers to automate which parameters get appended to links — for every link, each version of an email, or an entire campaign. Setting up your tracking in Taxi means a smoother QA process than when setting up link tracking on individual email campaigns (for example, UTM strings for Google Analytics).

Helping with GDPR compliance

Taxi isn't exposed to your subscriber list or data — meaning you can give access to Taxi to copywriters, designers, agencies and team members involved in the email process, without risking exposure to sensitive data. This helps you get more value from the team and create better content, whilst minimising risk.

To get started

We'd love to see how our new Yes Marketing connector can help your team create better email. Book a demo with our new business team, or please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

About Taxi

Taxi empowers marketing teams to produce better email campaigns, quicker and at a larger scale. Making email quicker means you're quicker to market, and our editor isn't just for copywriting - it helps you control personalisation, set up segmentation and manage link tracking.

Designers and Developers can create intelligent email templates, and specify precise control over how they are made editable, by using Taxi Syntax in their template code. An on-brand template has less chance of errors, meaning writers can focus on great content without worrying about code, design or going off brand.

If you’d like to see more of Taxi, and discuss how it could help your team’s workflow, get started by setting up a demo. Set up a demo →

About Yes Marketing

Yes Marketing is a data solution platform, empowering brands to harness the value of consumer relationships. Yes Marketing enables customers to plan, create, automate and deploy all customer touchpoint from a single platform - then see and analyse results in real-time. Yes Marketing aims to assist you in getting your customers to say 'yes' to becoming new customers, to buying more frequently, to spending more and to becoming new advocates.

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Taxi helps marketing teams make better quality email, quicker, at a larger scale.

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