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We've talked previously about the financial power of email marketing, and why it's worth investing in. If you missed it, here is why email is a great revenue generator:

  • Email gives you the highest ROI of any marketing channel (up to 42:1), and this increases when areas like personalisation, segmentation and targeted content are optimised.
  • It's a highly engaging channel, with great global and generational reach.
  • You can build long-lasting relationships with consumers that establishes trust and repeat business.
  • It can help you get meaningful insights into their purchasing preferences, as well as how they like to interact with your brand.
  • Customers trust it as a source of contact with their preferred brands.

The trick is how you unlock all of this. It takes a combined effort of strategy, time and resources to do so. But how do you tie these together? Taxi for Email is the online email editing and productivity platform for successful marketing teams. Taxi is more than just an editing or workflow tool. It's an ethos - a new optimised way of making email that is transformative to your campaigns and your team. We exist to help email teams do their best work.

Built by email marketers, we are all too aware of the frustrations and problems that email teams face when trying to unlock their vast potential. So that's what we've created - a platform that not just creates email, but that steers your whole email marketing to a more efficient, productive and quality operation. And ultimately, makes your investment in email a no-brainer. Here is how we can help boost your ROI:

Taxi helps you create more and do more with your time

Earning: 50,000+ on average extra per month.

Taxi can reduce your campaign timeframe by up to 80%. What would normally take 2 weeks now takes 2 days, thanks to Taxi's focus on workflow efficiency and ease. So with all of that time back, what can you do with it?


Create more email

With more time available, you can create more email that drives revenue. With emails now taking 2 days to create, you can make an extra 12 emails per month on average. This can unlock an extra →50k (on average) per month in additional email based revenue, or →600k extra across the whole year. That's a significant addition to your profit margin. Though a word of warning - a top reason that people unsubscribe is receiving too many emails from the same company so take care here!

Do more with your email marketing

An alternative to pumping out more email is to optimise what you are already sending - it's a great way to boost your ROI. For instance, you could put into action more highly personalised and segmented emails, to really appeal to each subscriber as an individual. After all:

  • Personalised emails deliver a 6x higher transactional rate.
  • Segmented, personalised and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue.
  • Segmented campaigns yield a 760% increase in revenue.
  • When an email is not personalised, 52% of customers go elsewhere to shop.
Statistics from Snovio and ActiveTrail

Even including simple personalisation, such as their first name in the subject line, helps boost email ROI to 44:1. To help this happen, Taxi makes personalisation easier, more accessible, and prevents mistakes due to repetitive tagging. Pre-load your ESP's personalisation tags into Taxi, then use a set label (that covers as many different ESP's tags as you wish) in the editor to include them. Not only does this save you time - as Taxi automatically picks the right ESP tag to use, but removes any errors from having to repeatedly write out complex and different personalisation tags.

You could also work on more strategic areas of email that need optimising - like welcome sequences, customer data analysis and segment sets. Perhaps you want to look at sending emails in multiple languages, or for different regions? With Taxi your team can do all of this with confidence, and without needing extra code knowledge.

Do more with your whole marketing scope

Perhaps you don't want to invest all of this new time back into email marketing? Instead, you can release some of the freed up time and resources into other areas of your marketing. Your team has more capacity to hone strategies, push your brand in other channels, or focus on that wider marketing project that - until now - hasn't been able to be committed to. Taxi's efficiencies and focus on email workflow don't just benefit the email side of marketing - it can lift your whole marketing operation.

Get more value out of your agency

Focus your agency on delivering great strategies for you, and save on average £97,000 by empowering marketing teams to produce great campaigns.

We know that agencies are really useful. They can fill knowledge and skills gaps to help your marketing operation run smoothly. And the complex and varied skill-sets normally needed to make email means that sometimes it's easier to ship email design out than do it yourself. This is great, but by its very nature it can delay the creation process of emails, with changes and alterations having to go through middle parties before being actioned.

But when Taxi makes the email creation process accessible and easy enough for everyone to do, you can:

  1. Move your relationship with agencies to focus on more strategic email marketing elements - i.e map out creative ideas and campaigns to do.
  2. Save money on email design by empowering your teams to create them (on average →97,000 per year).
  3. Have the budget to work with agencies on solus email designs or other marketing projects.

How does Taxi make it so accessible though? Well, Taxi democratises the email process so that anyone can get involved. It's usability focuses on converting your Email Design Systems into an editing experience that is easy to understand, follow, and do. So you don't need to be an email genius to create email - anyone can get to grips with it. This opens it out to everyone, meaning that creating emails becomes a lot easier and making changes -last minute or otherwise - can be done by anyone quickly and without delay or error.

Save on the potentially high cost of optimising your email marketing

Saving: £40,000 to £88,000 on hiring one full-time equivalent

We mentioned earlier that Taxi gives you time back to optimise your emails. Taxi also helps when optimising them too - in terms of design and features.

With Taxi, your developers and designers can focus on making a great and powerful Email Design System. Then Taxi Syntax makes it easy to translate your expertly designed Email Design Systems into a great editing experience for your users, with as many intricate features as you want. Taxi enables you to create as many email designs as you want from one Email Design System as well, so all of your developers can focus their efforts into a single project.

The alternative? Having multiple templates that require constant and extensive re-coding to help optimise all of your emails, as well as extra coding in QA stages for any last minute changes. This means the workload is bloated, less efficient and at a much larger scale. To get to the same stage as you would with Taxi, you would need to either:

  1. Hire one or more developers, at an average salary of →40,000 (according to Glassdoor UK) and with overheads taking that up to around →88,000, to pick up the extra work. And that's per developer.
  2. Take other web/code-based developers off of other projects to help out with email - slowing down overall productivity in multiple business areas.

If your developers change email HTML in the production stage, they help the one marketer that needs it. However if they focus on optimising the Email Design System and creating a great editing experience with Taxi, they help the 10, 20 or even 100 people that rely on it to produce their emails. And because that's a lot less constant work, you can maximise their time and skills by placing them on other revenue-driving projects.

Be clever with your email design to realise higher revenue

Better content, design and consistency means more engagement and more interaction

You've probably seen them yourself - emails that aren't engaging, branded inconsistently and are offering you products you have no interest in - nor had you indicated so. So what did you do? Hit that unsubscribe button (sometimes tricky to find - another mark against). That's one less subscriber to market to, and one less potential customer.

Consumers typically unsubscribe from emails that have:

  • No personalisation.
  • No segmentation.
  • No targeted content.
  • A lack of brand consistency.
  • Poor / cluttered designs that makes digesting content difficult.
  • Rendering issues.

Even if they don't unsubscribe, they will recognise the brand and delete it from their inbox - meaning less people are seeing your products and clicking through to purchase them, resulting in less sales. But focusing on rectifying these common areas can pay dividends.


Including personalisation and segmentation is much easier with Taxi, so your team feels more confident to include it, especially if it would normally sit with a different team. And you can ensure brand consistency by choosing to offer only selected colours, fonts, assets and even pre-designed modules to be chosen in the editor (check out our article on how Taxi helps you create the best editing experience for more info here). This means that you are in full control of what is included in your emails, how they appear, and that they are on brand. Taxi also lets you see what your email will look like in different formats - desktop, mobile or tablet - in real time as you edit. It also lets you plugin Litmus' Email Preview tool - all you need is an account with Litmus and it checks how your email renders across 90+ devices, platforms and inboxes. Couple that with Taxi's many behind-the-scenes checks on your email to ensure it works as intended, you get peace of mind that rendering issues won't be a problem. You can ensure that, with Taxi, you can create engaging and clever emails without the faff, so that your subscribers stay engaged with you- all helping to realise that potential revenue.

Fosters a better team morale and a higher work focus

When team morale and focus is high, more productivity is achieved and more potential revenue is realised.

Low team morale can be borne from a frustrating work process, resulting in an unhappy marketing team. This lowers productivity and the pace of work (despite being very busy and having work to do). It also introduces a 'that'll do' mentality, where mistakes creep because teams just want the work over with and out of the door.

It all filters to the bottom line though. An unhappy, unproductive and uncaring workforce can mean less revenue is realised. Companies in the US that had disengaged workforces saw their operating income decline by 32.7% in a year, as opposed to a 19.2% boost to those with highly engaged team members.


Taxi's transformative effect on your email process helps reduce frustration with it. It's designed to enable making email to be smoother, easier and more accessible. It's designed so that making mistakes is a lot harder, and the workflow is a lot more logical, with everyone aware of what they need to do and at what stage. It takes away constant back-and-forth communication with developers, so marketers can get on with what they do best - making great email.

If the workflow is a lot smoother and easier, team morale improves with it as email is no longer that burdensome task. A motivated email team can realise that potential revenue, and even outperform it. And it breeds confidence - not only with the marketers but with managers as well. One less thing for them to think about.

Don't just take our word for it

Global Radio

It's helped us increase productivity significantly, I'd say we've reduced creation time and effort by about 80%... The team is a lot happier now | they're still busy, but they get a lot of work done. They're more empowered to try out new ideas, and strive to send the best content we can.


Now, with Taxi, we can enable more marketers globally to help us build automations and speed up the process for everyone. In 3 months, we've knocked out 4 times the work by enabling the less technical teams to help on email production.

Crystal Ledesma

Engineering Manager, Design Systems at Zillow


With Taxi, I could go on vacation with confidence!

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