What is a Spam Assassin score and how can it help you? Everything you need to know.

Email is hard work, and can often be a drawn out process - as marketers a common frustration is investing a lot of time and effort into an email campaign only for it to land in a customers spam folder.

Have you ever wanted to track keywords in your emails which could land in a customers spam folder? We have released an awesome tool ratemyspam.info which analyses your emails for spam issues (this could be keywords, images or snippets of code).

Our freely available ratemyspam tool is built to help you check your spam score before sending your email out. Why would you need to check this? Your score is rated from 0-100 and you really want to keep this score as low as possible, so little checkers like this make the world of difference in your email process.

How does rate my spam work?

We want to make creating email as simple and stress-free as possible - which is why our rate my spam tool is simple yet effective. All you need to do is paste in your subject line and HTML from your email campaign. Once pasted, we will provide you with your Spam Assassin score at the bottom of the page (see above). You can then play around with your emails to test if certain words increase or decrease your score.

What does my rate my spam check for?

Rate my spam is one spam checking tool that people use (of several) which can help you in:

= Checking for keywords in your email which could land in a readers spam folder

=> Helps work out how much text there is in comparison to images

=u Tells you any reason part of your email could be identified as spam

=O Helps you and your team identify how to get a lower Spam Assassin score

What's the ideal Spam Assassin score?

Spam Assassin gives a score from 0-100 - you want to keep this number as low as possible to ensure you don't fall into a customers spam folder. A score of 0 would mean your email has absolutely no words, images or other areas which would be at risk of being spammy'. If you had a score of 40-50 this would be a high risk score. We would advise playing around with your email to test out how to lower your score.

How Taxi can help you

At Taxi we are all about helping our email community create the best email they can. We have lots of little tools and sources (such as our code page!) to help coders, developers, designers and marketers create awesome email.

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