Taxi’s “what does it paste” tool helps you avoid adding mark-up code to your emails when pasting HTML from multiple sources. And it’s freely available!

Have you ever noticed that after pasting your HTML you suddenly see additional spacing or code there which you didn’t add? Not to worry, this is normal - Text and content that you copy and paste from multiple sources often comes with extra, unwanted, and hidden 'mark-up' code. This can cause problems such as rendering issues or additional spacing when you paste it somewhere else.

A common example could be copying and pasting from Google Docs into your email tool. If formatting has been applied to the text previously (e.g bold font, centred alignment or bullet points), this adds additional code to your email's HTML which can alter what it is 'supposed' to look like.

Introducing Taxi’s what does it paste tool

At Taxi we are all about helping our email community create the best email they can. We have lots of little tools and sources (such as our code page!) to help coders, developers, designers and marketers create awesome email.

Our freely available what does it paste tool enables you to paste your HTML into the text area to view it and check for any mark-up code which has been unknowingly added. For example, where formatting has been applied you might want to check what has been added around these fields. You can remove any unwanted mark-up code in the editor before uploading the clean HTML into your sending platform.

Why would this help me?

Here are a few scenarios where this tool could really help you or your team: 

💻 When pasting HTML from external sources (such as Google Docs or Notepad). If you're using text formatting, e.g. bold text, links and images, you will want to ensure you have the cleanest possible version of HTML to avoid rendering issues.

📧 When you code your emails and then upload to a sending platform - this often adds a lot of additional code which you might not notice at time of upload, or until it has been passed to another team.

🔙 If you want to stop going back and forth through your code to find any errors or additional code.

⏰ If you work in dispersed teams or different time zones and want to ensure an email uploaded has everything your team needs to do their best work.

Do I need to use this in Taxi?

This tool is freely available for everyone, but if you use Taxi then it's something we do automatically (and Taxi is full of things like this that help without you realising). Any HTML files uploaded to Taxi will be converted without adding any mark-up code (awesome right?) But if you need to upload the HTML into your sending platform, and you don't use Taxi, then this is a great tool to use!

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