Here are 5 creative email campaigns that stood out in our inboxes this month. 

Every month we pull a list together of marketing campaigns which stood out to us. This month we decided to focus on great campaigns we have seen in our inbox - here's a few.

Australia collection


Firstly, who doesn't love a little koala greeting your inbox? This email convinces with a beautiful design and a great message - rebuilding and rehabilitating wildlife in Australia.

The talented designers at Tentree combine photography, illustrations, and organic shapes in a beautiful way, creating a design that guides the eye down the email and feels fluid rather than blocky. The illustrations used in the email match the designs in the clothes which joins everything together perfectly. A really well-thought-out email which looks great in the inbox!

Dave and the Air Max 2090


What I love about this email is that it's not directly selling you the new collection, but it's telling a story about Nike's collaboration and Dave. They mention Dave is "inspiring modern visionaries to reach even greater heights. Future-forward, just like the Air Max 2090."

The style of the email is more of an editorial layout, something to be expected from a fashion brand but is really easy to read through. Limited text, with simple CTAs makes a great read and it's very tempting to click in and view the full range!

Meet Photoshop camera


See the animation in action here.

This email really shows how brands like Adobe stand out in the inbox! The bright colours and background animations make it different - which is what we want to see! And using a GIF to show off the product from taking a photo to the editing process is really clever. Overall it makes you curious about the product and you want to click in to download.

Take a look at the full email here.

Artist series (psychedelic dream) - July


Chilly's is a really cool ethical brand, I love their fun and creative spin on creating reusable water bottles - I have definitely bought a lot from them and have noticed previously collaborations with brands such as Emma Bridgewater as well as designing a sea life range with 10% of profits going to City for Sea - a not-for-profit organisation.

The email has features of the product throughout and is really well laid out; I love the flow of the pink from the bottle being added to the background colour to merge it all together. Its a minimalistic style, with more of a story telling message as opposed to direct selling with soft CTAs to read more and shop now. The simple instagram promotion at the bottom is also a nice touch and links in well with the email design.

N26 Bank:
Your financial concerns answered


For anyone unfamiliar with N26, they are a mobile bank based in Germany. For me they have nailed the balance of creating informative and text heavy emails in a readable and easy to navigate format.

There's a few things which really stand out in this email:

  • Faux video effect: Videos in email aren’t well-supported, but the team at N26 uses a faux video effect to make it look like this email is featuring one. The static image turns into a moving GIF on hover, giving the reader a sneak peek at the video content—and encouraging them to click through.
  • Infographic style: The email has a lot of content but since the N26 team turned it into an infographic-style email, it's easy to skim and to understand the main points.
  • Tone: N26’s copywriting—not just in this email but throughout all their customer communication—is driven by a really friendly and approachable writing style. It's not as formal as many other banks but also not too casual so it would feel unprofessional. It simply strikes the right balance.

That's all for now, but let's continue spreading the marketing, and general, love! Did you see any email campaigns in your inbox that you loved? Share them with us on Twitter!

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